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  1. I also like to know this. I also created a similar thread asking about the same but only one answer that in some way is in the same direction as me that is this feature it wasn't implemented. Thread: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/441813-B-Team-Training-Control Fritz13, i tried what you said and i don't have nothing to tick players that i want to train.
  2. https://twitter.com/milesSI/status/653173040566640640/photo/1 About this feature, when i go to B team training the fields are greyed out. How i can do this ?
  3. Easy one. That happens because Hearts administration is set in a file, start_in_admin.edt. You find it on, C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Football Manager 2014\data\db\1430\edt . This is the file content.
  4. Hello, How can I make youth competitions on Advanced Mode ? I know on Basic Mode but when I do on Advanced Mode, FM seems to reject what I have done.
  5. I am creating Portuguese lower leagues and when I run 'Test Competitions' everything runs alright but I have some kind of warnings in the "Errors" section saying: How can I fix this ?
  6. If you click on the website the price there is different, is 34,99 euros, also Fast 2 Play Es have the downside of not have Beta access.
  7. DLGamer - 30€ (Spanish Version) http://www.dlgamer.es/descargar-football_manager_2014_pc_mac_-juegos_pc-p-20906.html?affil=3828436152 You need to buy on Spain version, other countrys are more expensive. English and other languages are included (I don't know only the countrys with special versions like Russia and China).
  8. When stubbornly refuse to see things there no really nothing to do. Steam is a excellent plataform and only brings advantages for FM.
  9. If this is a beta of FM14, you failed completely because you don't give any constructive feedback. I read all of your posts and you don't explains nothing, only say the ME is a joke, that is rubbish and you never gave a constructive feedback to help SI. Don't expect someone will hear you with that attitude.
  10. For example your defenders can jump in wrong time and don't catch the ball.
  11. You need to register Youth Players from Youth Squad instead some Senior Squad players or regist less players.
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