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  1. I berated FM last season and was very unhappy with my purchase, that was until the final patch when I really started to enjoy it and got more than my money's worth. For me, in the last 3 years, the initial release has been flawed to say the least, only to be patched really well by the last patch. The trouble is, by the time the games has been tweaked and perfected, it's selling in a 50-75% sale on steam. I'm not rushing out to buy on the first day again from SI, I feel their software isn't tested enough on release. Saying that, I will almost definitely purchase by the final patch depending on what people on these forums are saying.
  2. +1 I find it hilarious that people think their 'in-depth footballing knowledge' somehow translates to FM, a game. Also only a select few would actually want it to be a realistic simulation as then it's no longer a game but a job.
  3. I'm impressed that SI care enough to have added this to the main game for people with 'less time' as they put it. I think FMC should not be any easier though, but just have less of the thing people find boring like press conferences or media comments etc, in fm2012 and now even more so in fm2013 I just seem to be pressing the space bar or clicking continue more than anything else, I wouldn't be surprised in the future if FMC becomes the main reason to buy the game.
  4. Like alot of things in the tactics screen why haven't SI put in depth explanations in the actual game? same with player attributes and other things, I don't mind searching the net for what things do but it's not exactly the best user experience you can have when trying to figure things out. edit: Oh and thanks for that thread btw, very nice post.
  5. What's hard about that to understand? You wan't the full package but don't want the tedium, or a stripped down easy version. I'm going to have another go at FMC if these ME bugs ever get fixed, I just hate the fact you can only have 3 leagues and can't mess around with your staff.
  6. Agreed, SI should spice things up by allowing options for 'illegal' approaches, I.e. contacting players behind the clubs back, agreeing some terms and then the player asking for a transfer request. This is how most transfers are actually done.
  7. lol how many people were naming their children rude words (a form of abuse) for them to make this law in the UK?
  8. Maybe the keeper was taking bribes from unnamed Italian betting rings
  9. Or maybe I have been unlucky I can't find the other thread with even worse keeper bugs than this!
  10. How have you not come across this bug? or are you just in denial? http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/344286-Bizarre-Funny-goals-thread!
  11. haha to be fair you want him to take a chance with that one, great goal!
  12. I sent SI an email about this bug in the first month of release... Defiantly the most realistic ME ever!!! rarrrrrr
  13. 600 hours??? 25 days of play?? Just tell me this hasn't distracted you from the cure for cancer I would honestly hate to think how many hours of football manager I have wasted, *cough* played in my lifetime. All computer games for that matter.
  14. If I could get any kind of refund for fm2013 I would take it, been playing with the latest patch and it's so silly the things I'm seeing. Also the scam of having a permanent 25% discount on steam is a joke, just stop lying and say the actual price not some half assed sales technique.
  15. Well that's just plain wrong, betting shops wouldn't offer odds if it was that unpredictable. Also if we look at a major football competition, teams with no expectation of winning VERY rarely win (Greece in the euros was the last major upset). While teams we expect to do well are generally up there (especially in a league).
  16. Alot of people claim that theses forums have a majority user base of angry gamers, I would disagree. I think if most people are like me they love Football manager, appreciate how good of a management game it is and simply feel disappointed in the direction the series is going. To make a forum account just to rant means you must be pretty pissed off, and if the game is ******* people off, that isn't a good thing for SI. For example I'm a forum member of a few other games, including skyrim, which is full of bugs and annoyances. The forums however aren't as bitter as these ones because fans and new players alike have fun playing the game, they are not just churning a new title out every year and disappointing the fans. I will not be buying FM on release day again, this FM I feel is the worst one for years, you don't have to read rants on the forum for confirmation of this, just goto any site where users can rate games and you will see the fm2013 is the least rated game of the series.
  17. I think this is exactly what the majority of people want when they play the game, and by majority I mean me Having a tactical battle and having a conversation with a computer in a fake press is all very well and good but the AI should be more developed into the RPG aspect of the game. I would assume that most people want to enjoy success as a manager and have the game world react accordingly to your achievements and not just have one news item about your league win.
  18. It's funny because everyone in the thread saying I don't spend much time on FM and not having problems have 3K+ posts I think the vast majority of FM users won't go near a forum or want to put in the time to find out what's going wrong, they just wont purchase the game next time! SI getting feedback from 'hardcore' players on this forum probably isn't the best idea either side of the coin
  19. The irony being you opened, read and then replied to the thread titled 'Taking a break from FM'
  20. I never said I didn't want a challenge, this years version isn't to challenging, it's to boring. I'm mid table in the PL in my second season at the moment but I've had to put in so many more hours than other versions, none of the extra hours have been any fun.
  21. Exactly! It's just so dull, I have literally started 3 games and laboured to get through a season. I used to love trying to get Nottingham forest back into the champions league and ultimately winning it, this year it's just dragging on.
  22. Agree with OP, I actually really got into FM2012 after they patched the horrendous form issue so I decided to buy fm13 TBH I haven't even found anything wrong with the game, it's just boring. I feel I can't skip team talks/press conferences now and it ends up just having the same conversation with your computer again and again. People have suggested spending more time in the tactics and strategy forums, as if that's what you should do to get the most out of a game, I say that sounds zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. FMC is way to easy and only has 3 leagues and feels to dumbed down to really enjoy. All of my friends also agree and have spent far fewer hours on this iteration, it also reflects in user reviews on various sites like metacritic. I wouldn't say it's the end of FM though, I thought I would never buy FM2013 and yet here I am
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