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  1. 1. The scouting and training should really be remade - There are some good suggestions here. 2. Better transfer campaigns by AI, especially in post-USSR and post-Yugoslavia countries. 3. Coaching interactions (smth like player interactions, but more training-based interaction with coaches), better boardroom interaction, better media interaction (new questions is a MUST, too boring with old and same stuff) 4. Some new stuff in 3D - new celebrations, virtual trophy presentations 5. Casual press-conferences and interviews - I won against a big team and a local newspaper wants to take an interview (not pre/postmatch, just an interview for a fottball magazine) - this would help the manager increase media handling and gain more fans 6. Coaching training courses - good suggestions here 7. Better financial summary - I don't understand what are Other Expenditures and how to decrease them. Maybe even some suggestions from the board to me and from me to the board on this issue - more kits to sell (merchendise), we need to play better to attract more fans to the stadium. 8. More on fans - there should a better formula (or whatever there is now) to get more fans to the stadium, not just by gaining reputation or fan days. 9. Tactics - an idea to join together the new and old tactics builder - with roles (Advanced Playmaker - Defend) and arrows (like in the old FMs). 10. Try to make the 3D Engine better
  2. 1. Coaching courses. How should it work: I have a coach with Attacking ability 12. Once a year there is a course somewhere in the world. I send him and pay 500k pounds for this. He returnes after a week and his Attacking ability is 13 or remains 12 (depends on his professionalism and character). If the startinf ability is less than 12 - the price should be smaller (400k for example). I think you understand the idea. 2. New questions/answers in all interactions 3. New goal celebrations 4. Better 3D Engine (too many chances of NOT scoring when hitting the woodwork, defenders of world class sometimes don't perform the "Press more") 5. New leagues (at last!). What's the problem? You don't even have to do massive research, players are already in the db, just make the transfers for the teams and that's all. 6. The "Green injury" problem. A player gets a knock and info "Make sub - Keep him on the pitch". I press "Keep on" but after 2-3 seconds I receive that he can't continue and the Tactics screen appears for me to make a sub. Find a way to make this moment more comfortable please. 7. Better transfers by AI. I am from Ukraine. I played in FM for 2 seasons (all leagues loaded and 300000 players) - I saw that Dynamo Kyiv and Shakhtar Donetsk did not buy a single player for 2 full seasons! Shocking... There's also a problem with signing good players in Ukraine and Russia - teams who play in CL and EL (Shakhtar, Dynamo, Zenith, CSKA Moscow etc) often sell/loan good players and if they buy someone - he is s*it for the first team... I d'know, maybe you should try and make their reputation higher or what... This is a problem. 8. Remaking the training. This is an idea that is not possible to be in FM13 (I think). What have we now - default training "programs" for players (Defenders, Midfielders, Attackers etc) and a tool to create our own training programs. Good but not enough. I want to see day-to-day training programs. Sunday - physics, athletisism. Monday - tactics, technigue. Tuesday - defending, defensive positioning, Wednesday - Set pieces. Thursday - Watching opposition's matches to see their weaknesses. You get me, right? This is more like IRL, but I understand that this is really hard to make in FM. More to come from me...
  3. I want to see realistic transfer campaigns. I am playing FM 12.2.2 with ALL playable leagues and 300k players. I am now in season 2012/2013, August 2012 to be precise. Now I wanted to see how things are going in Ukraine. I looked at Dynamo Kyiv and Shakhtar Donetsk. NO TRANSFERS IN ever! Shakhtar is a major "Brazilian talent lover". This looks ridiculous - no buyed players for three transfer windows by Ukrainian top teams!
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