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  1. Isle OF Scilly

    I'd be interested in playing this league. Is there a 2012 version available anywhere or is anyone tempted to create one?
  2. [WIP] Isle of Man

    I enjoyed the current version. One flaw was the way in which many teams from Division Two came up and immediately turned semi-professional, as opposed to established teams in the top flight turning semi-professional. Most were relegated immediately, though, so it seemed to have little effect. There also seemed to be constant speculation about the vulnerability of certain managers positions at their clubs, more so than in any other game I've played. I'm not sure what you could do about either of these, if anything. I played for about five seasons and, as I've said, it was enjoyable . Thank you for taking the time to make this and I look forward to playing the full release.
  3. [WIP] Isle of Man

    How is this coming along? If you need any help with information I'd be happy to help where I can .
  4. [WIP] Isle of Man

    I think the Railway Cup will be impossible to replicate as it is the top four teams at a certain cut-off point during the season playing off in the run-up to Christmas with a Boxing Day Final. The Woods Cup follows a similar format to the Railway Cup, with the final taking place in February IIRC. You have missed the Hospital Cup out, a knock-out competition which is played at the end of the season. There is also a reserve cup competition, the Junior Cup, in which all the reserve side face each other, again in a straight knock-out competition. The Hospital Cup games are played on Saturdays, whilst the Junior Cup games are played on Sundays. I hope that it doesn't seem like I'm nit-picking.
  5. [WIP] Channel Island Leagues

    I think it would be better to leave their status as amateur, as is the case for the San Marinese league (which might be a good paralell to draw). Thank you for putting the Isle of Man League database together, when I get the game at Christmas I'll be making it the first league that I play in .
  6. [WIP] Channel Island Leagues

    Have you still got any plans to do the Isle of Man league?
  7. [WIP] Isle of Man Leagues & Cup PLUS a twist

    This thread has taken a detour from it's original scope. I suppose that a league could be created, fictitious players entered in, and that would at least form a core for someone to edit later. I don't believe there is a function to link the Combination (Reserve) teams to the leagues of their first teams, which would create a minor inaccuracy. I would probably make the Isle of Man League one of my first games in the 2011 version .