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  1. I don't think these numbers simulate what happens in real life. Even with such an attack system or a mediocre defense. But it's okay if it is isolated.
  2. 60 shots?! Even in the case of a friendly game against weaker team it is not a good sign ... A shot every minute and a half
  3. I limit myself to ask what the average shots per game on FM 2016 beta . What's wrong with having as reference the value of FM 2015? The tactics I use are irrelevant because I refer only to AI v AI games.
  4. Thanks, andu1. This is good news for the game if the decrease of shots is consistent. More opinions ?
  5. 30/40 and more shots per game is a rare event in a football match , whatever the tactic used. Unfortunately occurs too often on FM 2015. This forum is full of examples and discussions about it.
  6. I stopped playing FM 2015 basically due to the high number of shots per game. Very unrealistic in my opinion. I returned to FM 2013. I ask how is this aspect of the game on FM 2016. What average shots per game and if there are major deviations from that average, as 30/40 and more shots per game.
  7. Thanks mate. There are more opinions out there? I would start a new career in classic mode but want to make sure that there is some dynamic.
  8. And how is the development of the club throughout the various seasons? In FMC 2014 the club remained stagnant and no development (box office, stadium capacity, resources...). Things are better?