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  1. When managing tottenham, I decided to apply to manage the Spanish national team. I received aknowledgment, but it never during the game was informed about who got the job, and I assume it was because I'm running with English leagues only. I checked after in the game to see who now was manager, pep G from Barcelona became manger do Spain.
  2. Contracts bug

    Hi, Great game and loved playing on ipad2. But I have come across 2 issues with contracts, which may be related. 1). Offered player a contract, who's current contract was expiring at a different club (the player was Barcelona GK called Costa), but never signs on july 1st. He stays with current club on a new contract. 2). A youth payer had been promoted to my squad in the second season and I'm coming to the end of the third season, and his contract was expiring, offered him a new one well in advance but never accepted or declined.