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  1. Hi, I had the same problem, in the 6th year, the player's history disappeared. How can avoid this to happen again o a mac laptop? Thanks
  2. No, no alternative skin...... I forgot to say, I'm using an apple Mac This is not creating problems, but anytime I stop playing and let the game on and come back hours later there is this sign....
  3. I bought the in game editor, was working, but then stopped showing up(all settings are ok) and when I try to go to "downloads" at the start screen to check if I can buy it again or try something it shows this sign, I did what it says, I also went to preferences>security>unlock>tick and untick......but still, it's not working.
  4. HI, It's still not working. In the game it doesn't shows up and when I click on downloads at the start screen it still shows me this sign:
  5. Hi, I'm ok until here: Make sure you've quit Steam. Go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy tab Click the lock. Where I should tick or untick? Then, tick or untick Steam if its ticked. Here it's not appearing: Thanks
  6. Hi, I bought the in game editor, it was working but then it dissapeared, tried everything suggested in this thread, but still not showing... And now when I try to go to the downloads at the start screen, I can't, it shows this sign: Thanks(I have a Mac)
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