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  1. I've done a little bit of testing now and it looks like people will need to be assigned to teams to ensure they don't drop out of the database when they are unattached. I also think it would be more fun to allow people to play in plenty of leagues rather than limit them to the English leagues - and I think I've devised a way to divide them up into player leagues depending on the level they play at. So, I think I'm going to offer people the opportunity to choose a team within the lower reputation leagues I will be running, or allow a team to be randomly chosen for them. This also gives the fun
  2. Thanks for the positive feedback, everyone. Whoopy D - these kinds of questions are the reason I haven't gotten around to starting this sign up yet - I think I would need to maybe do a test game or two to iron out all the kinks! For instance, I'm not sure whether to just run the English leagues or whether to run quite a few regional "hub" leagues so that people can be whatever nationality they want. But if I want to put people into different "leagues" with each other dependent on the level they are playing at, then this would raise issues of which leagues are on an equal "level" - is Se
  3. There have been a couple of sign up ideas I've been mentally kicking around for some time now. I don't quite have time to set one up yet, but I thought I'd post the ideas here to gauge the level of interest/get feedback on how they should be run/check that nobody's run something similar before, so I know whether it's worth me spending any more time on it! So, my two ideas are relatively similar, and I think there would only really be a niche for one of them - it's just deciding which one. The first is what I call the "It could be you (who's crap!) sign up", and the second is the "Journeyman s
  4. I think Greece is already included in Gundo's challenge. The leagues that he ruled out of his challenge were France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Scotland (and England of course, but Dafuge has already got that one covered!), so those would be the ones to go with.
  5. Fair enough, that makes sense. And I agree on choosing teams deliberately rather than randomly, so as to give as wide a range of challenges as possible.
  6. You've got my vote! As the creator of the most successful challenge in FM, I'd be surprised if there were any complaints! I was thinking about this a bit more, and here's another thought that I'm not even 100% sure would be a good idea myself - but maybe something to kick around? Obviously for each monthly challenge, there would probably be a leaderboard/table to show who took part and how they got on. How about, in addition to that, having an ongoing leaderboard across all the official monthly challenges? I'm not sure how you would work out the table as the objectives of each challenge w
  7. I've been thinking of resurrecting this for a while. Back in the days of the CM forums I started a series of challenges that were based over the length of one season, with a time limit of two weeks for people to complete them. A new team in a new country was chosen for each challenge, with some kind of table produced at the end of the two weeks. If there any suggestions on this one, we could bring it back. Since then, the challenges forum has been created, so often people have a long term save on the game. How about making it a monthly challenge? Would people be able to manage a season with a
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