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  1. So I bought club logos from sortitoutsi for £10 and followed the instructions to get them working however this has not worked. I extracted it to logos and it has the file there it .rar format however it will not work on the game. Anyone got any suggestions of what to do?
  2. Thanks for the help, unfortunately it is still not working, maybe it is the skin.
  3. Not that abscure but I saw a Norwegian Centre Mid become the best player in the world. He was about 6 ft 5 as well
  4. I downloaded a skin from a different website and am unable to find it in the game. I've placed the folder in Documents/ Sports Interactive/ Football Manager 2014/ skins location, as well as untucking the skin cache and reloading the skin. Even after this I'm unable to see the skin in the drop-down menu.
  5. I'm not sure, I'd love to hear a developer explain this.
  6. I have put my skin in the correct folder but when I go onto FM it is not displayed there. Anyone have any advice?
  7. It is not there, it's not even greyed out.
  8. 4 years ago when I started the save.
  9. I am currently managing Pickering Town using a database that goes down to the 8th english tier, however after getting promoted three times the club is now semi professional and all the staff are paid but I am still on an amateur contract and I cant request a new contract.
  10. When you have 14-17 year olds, do they actually grow in size as it is technically a physical attribute, or do they remain the same height?
  11. UAE is becoming one of the biggest asian leagues so it needs to be part of the game, same with Japan, and the national Japanese and German teams need to be included.
  12. Not neccesary but could be quite good if you could see new kits and proposals for sponsors and designs. Also if a stadium is expanded it should show on the game to be bigger. Be able to see the fanbase grow and decline would be very important for long games.
  13. The new game has some many issues, is it the same with other people? 1. When setting up a game if you click view only, in the run up to the league it tells you all the playerwatch for every league and you have to manually turn them all off, this is very frustrating. 2. One thing I do want to know is transfers but this is automaticly turned off for all leagues. Why is this? 3. The game is very slow compared to previous editions. 4. On the match page the score will be something like 1-1 but on the player scores it will be like Rooney(4) despite the team only scoring one game. I know it's just the beta but will this improve for the full game? Has anyone else expeirenced this?
  14. when i go to upload it has an exclamation mark saying undefined
  15. My club expenditure isn't adding up and I'm afraid it may be a glitch. Is there any hidden costs that could explain this?
  16. Fantastic thread, what happened to Lynch. Also please stay with the ravens untill the Premier league.
  17. Is this feature on the game? My main keeper is injured and sold my back up. I have a youth keeper but no one else! Is it possible to get an emergency loan?
  18. A board member profile This would say things like age, gender, favourite club, where they made there money, there past sport ventures (if any), style (as in do they like to be hands on or leave manager to do it) and things like that. Better press conferences At least triple the amount of questions as there is just not enough variation, as well as more options on how you would like to respond. Real life events For example things like Fifa debates (goal line techonology), supporters getting angry, aggression on pitch, feud between players, players careers cut short due to injuries or ill health and long term suspensions (for example Rooney, Suarez and ferdinand).
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