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  1. Hi guys, I have found a problem. The players i pick in my PP- and PK-lines doesn't play in those lines, instead the guys from my 1:line and 2:line plays, and in some cases where i have at least up to 8-10 min i PP, my 3:line will also play some shifts. It's the same for my PK lines, but there my lines from the 3 and 4 plays instead. The biggest problem with this becomes with the defenders, as the 1- and 2-d-line play most of the PP-time and also the PK-time they require at least up to 15-16 in stamina to cope with a entire game. I've seen this in several saves, and i think it started after the new patch but i'm not quite sure, I just started to notice this.
  2. Hello. After a couple of weeks in the game I get the messages "ingame_rink::get_faceoff_position() - Invaild positions" when I try to go to the next day. After that the game stops and after a while it crashes. What can be the problem?
  3. My thought was to hear if anyone knew how to create such tactic Since I have not really succeed.
  4. I want to install a perfect Pulis 4-4-2. I have tried but cannot get it to work. Does anyone have any tips for me?
  5. Can I in some way train my players to become better at "Teamwork" or "Courage", and how much does the language affect performance and tactical understanding for instance if some one dosent understand english in an english club?
  6. Hi, im trying to play with a very defending style, withe a deep line and almost all players behind the ball to shrink the area to the goal, and then quickly switch to attacking. But i dont get it to work, any tips for me? I'm playing with a 4-2-3-1 With 2 CM and 1 AM and 2 W.
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