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  1. I was AFC Wimbledon and I managed to get them to League 1, we had £3.5m but after the board announced plans to improve the training and youth facilities and increase the capacity by 2k they are now £350k in the red, needless to say I jumped ship and am now at one of their divisional rivals of Doncaster Rovers.
  2. So what if people cheat? They paid the game out of their own money so they are entitled to do what they want with their game, if they want to cheat, then they can cheat if they want. I, for instance do not use programs such as FMM or Genie Scout because, in my opinion it takes the fun out of the game and I enjoy finding players on my own. FFS grow up.
  3. Hahahahahahah............so true. I do this too. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> Yup, I do the same, I even have a power nap as well, just to make the time go faster.
  4. I think this will look quite good on my C.V. don't you think?
  5. Woohoo 10 Pages! Into the third phase on my Chile game, 3 points behind the leaders and 6 ahead of the team in third. Just need a half decent striker to replace my aging star striker, looks like I may have to wait till the transfer window.
  6. Seeing as you're having fun in Chile Gilbster I think I will join you, using the same leagus as before but I will get rid of Sweden and add Chile. Just for variation.
  7. Let's do one of these updates things now. Happy Slappy. 2008/2009. Ebbsfleet United. Blue Square Premier. So, when I took over The Fleet were languishing down in 21st and in the relegation places, but, with a few additions in January, we managed to get up to 12th. As you can see, steady progress. Picture of the lads, nice to see that all 3 main strikers got into double figures. Charlie, my best player. We won the F.A. Trophy \o/ Which kinda helped the finances. Update of my profile. Next Season. Try and get into the play-offs. A good cup run. Hopefully get a better job. BRING IT ON!!!
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