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  1. dafuge's FM09 challenge

    Happy Slappy. Bedford Town. 2021/2022 Who said the Premiership was hard? I was certain that we'd be in a relegation dogfight for the majority of the season, but then this happens, a 6th place finish and into the UEFA Cup next season, though at one stage during the season it looked as if Europe was out of reach, as we spent the majority of the season languishing in 9-11, but then a late surge up the table and others slipping up meant we are into Europe for the first time ever. The Squad - what a performance from the lads this term, our defence was solid, our midfield created quite a lot of chances for our strikers and they took the majority of those chances, in goal Hylton was solid, he doesn't look the best stat wise but was an important part of the team and those 19 clean sheets justified how much this team needs him, he even played in the world cup during the summer as well playing twice ; Turner who, just like Hylton was a solid and consistent performer at the back, he worked his socks off to deny the opposition, it's just shame that he wanted to move so he's off to West Ham for £5.25m at the end of the season; what more can I say about Moody? My wonderkid captain, he was sensational this season, doing what he does best and that's protecting the back line and playing a key role in our attacking play; partnering Moody in midfield was our £5.5m signing from Roda JC Christina, always a pain in the backside when playing against the other team, and always puts in a good shift; on the left side of midfield Canavan contributed quite well with 9 assists, so i'll be looking for more of the same next season; but it was on the other flank where we were our deadliest, £5.25m signing Cabrera was a danger on the right, 16 assists wasn't half bad and I will look for the same next season, upfront record signing Arias top scored with 18 goals this season, considering he cost me £12.5m, I thought this was a decent goal return, Arias' strike partner, £1.2m signing Pronk contributed 11 goals which was a decent return seeing as he was on the bench for quite a while; Explosive striker Andrade had a decent start to life in English football by scoring 5 goals in his first 2 league games, but then drifted off towards the end of the season, but, he is still young, and he will only get better which is what I'm looking forward to We spent big during this season, which was essential if we were to survive, I guess I was lucky that most of my signings turned out to be really good buys, we also got rid off a lot of deadwood and players who would not be good enough for the big league, now it's about keeping those players happy and injury free. Finances was improving, this was helped with the prize money of over £19m for finishing 6th, and now that the board have decided to increase the stadiums capacity by another 12k, I guess we'll be making even more money Overview
  2. dafuge's FM09 challenge

    I now have two wonderkids in my first team: Recently signed Andrade, who seems to relish playing at home for some reason, he scored a hat-trick in his first league game against Stoke, followed up by a brace at home against Wolves, and has just scored another brace, this time against Fulham, personal page And club captain Jamie Moody, he has been an integral part of the side ever since his £160k move from QPR 3 seasons ago, and here is his personal page
  3. dafuge's FM09 challenge

    He has the potential to be a Leading Premier Division striker.
  4. dafuge's FM09 challenge

    My new striker Andrade who will be joining us in January for £3.9m, looks like he might be something special.
  5. dafuge's FM09 challenge

    Happy Slappy. Bedford Town. 2020/2021 Promotion!! Fantastic, absolutely fantastic, after spending the past two seasons finishing just outside the play-offs, and improving the team by quite a lot especially in shoring up the defence with a few key signings, not only did we manage to beat our previous finishes in the past couple of seasons but we managed to finish 2nd in the league just behind Fulham, as you can see from the graph it was a very tense finish to the season, and a 3-0 win against Norwich was enough to send us to the Premier League for the first time in Bedford Towns history, though it's still not enough to make me an Icon or Legend The Squad - 8 new signings this season, with at least 5 of the being key players in our promotion bid, Hylton he might not look like much but this boy saved our backside so many time it's not very hard to see why the likes of Chelsea are after him, and a record 21 clean sheets was just brilliant, Parlato again just like Hylton he might not have the best stats but he did what was needed off him, I might need to bring in a replacement next season as I doubt he will be able to hold his own against some of the best players in the world, Turner words cannot describe how well this boy done this season, he was like a John Terry version for us, he gave everything, absolutely everything, but it's just a shame that he will be leaving us so soon as well, £5.25m plus 50% off of the next sale at the end of next season so it will give me plenty of time to get a replacement; Moody he's like a modern day Xabi Alonso, his ability to pick out a killer ball is sensational, hard tackling and his leadership skills are fantastic, not bad for a £160k signing a few years ago; Ashton £1.8m signing? Pah! Worth every penny especially with 8 goals and 8 assists from midfield, he'll have to settle with a squad rotation next season as I look to strengthen my midfield with better quality, Jancevski not pleased, not pleased at all with this young man, he may have scored 14 goals this term, but other than that he was lazy and crap, I will have to offload him during the summer and bring someone in who will actually do a half-decent job. Transfers - jeez, woops, £7.5m spent this season, but it was well worth it though, and at least it was on quality players as well, which was the most important thing as well. Finances its increasing, which is the most important thing I guess, and with the TV revenue next season I can see this increasing by quite a bit, more money for me Overview - money made, conceded less goals than last season, promotion = job done
  6. dafuge's FM09 challenge

    Finally my board have allowed me to scout the world, South America here I come!
  7. dafuge's FM09 challenge

    Charles Ademeno, Morten Nielsen, if you're able to try and scout Scotland and Ireland, there are some hidden gems there, but I think you can send your scouts there if you are a professional club, Spain is rich in talent too.
  8. dafuge's FM09 challenge

    You know when you're going to have a good season when this happens
  9. dafuge's FM09 challenge

    Happy Slappy. Bedford Town. 2019/2020 Pretty poor season in my opinion, although it was very pleasing to finish in the top half of the table again, but when you see the start we made graph then it is very poor, this wasn't helped by the fact that Taylor, Dixon and Ángel wanted to leave, with Taylor and Dixon moving in the January transfer window and Ángel leaving at the end of the season, but what also didn't help was that we could not find anyone to fill the gaps left by those three. Squad - small, very small to say the least, with a small wage budget I had to use two youngsters from the U-18s, and once again it was nice to see my two main strikers get into double figures this season, Jancevski was the star up front this season, 18 goals and 10 assists from the youngster who also won the Fans Player of the Year award, Smith made a good contribution with 13 goals this season, although if he wasn't on the left then he may have scored more, but, like every half decent player in my squad, he'll be off to Sheffield United for £2.8m in the summer, Bourahli was another summer signing, costing me £1.9m from Juventus, but he did not disappoint with 4 goals and 4 assists and was always a constant danger down the left, with more experience I feel that he will become a very good player for Bedford, unless he decides to leave like everyone else, in the heart of the midfield Moody was fantastic, despite only being 18, his maturity on the pitch is incredible, and to think he only cost me £160k as well, brilliant piece of business; in defence Parlato was brilliant, a £1.6m signing from Inter and what a signing, I think with more games next season he will only get better and better, and finally, Salt, another fantastic season from the DC, he was a constant threat from set-pieces and when he was on form then the team were unbeatable, it's just a shame that he'll be leaving at the end of next season. Transfers. Finances, with the finances going past the £10m mark I was hoping that the board would allow me to scout the world, but instead they decided to add 6k more seats still though, a 24k capacity stadium isn't that bad, it will just mean more money for me to spend. Overview we lost against Newcastle on penalties in the FA Cup, although I was a bit disappointed with the result, it just goes to show that we are capable of holding our own against the top sides in England, this will make it interesting if we were to get promoted soon.
  10. dafuge's FM09 challenge

    Sevilla on a free transfer last season, and now he will be on his way to Fenerbahce for £3.1m at the end of next season
  11. dafuge's FM09 challenge

    Happy Slappy. Bedford Town. 2018/2019 So, with this being our first season in our new stadium expectations were quite high this season, I myself had told the board that a mid-table finish would be good enough with the current side, but it looks like someone forgot to tell the lads as we finished 1 point off of the play-offs in 7th, it was just incredible, never did I think that we'd finish just outside the play-offs especially seeing as we had little or no money for transfers, it could have been so much better though, at the start of the season we were floating around the top 6 but then we had the usual mid-season slump, I guess this was another learning season for us. The Squad - Ángel and Smith were immense up front for us this season, it's just a shame that Ángel is getting itchy feet and wants to move, Taylor was the main man in midfield this season, utter quality, again it's just a shame he's getting itchy feet as well; Dixon is just the same as Taylor, a quality midfield player, and, just like Ángel and Taylor, is looking to move as well *sigh* Maloney was another star player, able to player at either DR or DL, he was one of my main performers in defence, it's just a shame once again that he also wants to leave, Salt was solid as a rock in the heart of defence, and one of the few players not wanting to move away, seeing as my other CB is leaving at the end of the season I will have to bring in someone else to partner Salt, which will not be easy, seeing as anyone who I might be interested in will either laugh at us or will cost too much, money that I do not have. Finances are one the up, hopefully this will leave me with a transfer budget next season. A lot of quality players came in over the course of the season, whilst those released were either unwanted/unhappy or crap youths, tansfers Overview
  12. dafuge's FM09 challenge

    22nd, most of the players wanted are youngsters that I am trying to build my team around, I have sold Walsh (CB) to Celtic for £1m and a few more are heading out the door as well.
  13. dafuge's FM09 challenge

    Happy Slappy. Bedford Town. 2017/2018 Table - another season of consolidation, which, I am delighted about although I feel we could have done much better considering the start we had, we were actually in 2nd after match day 13, but then we just fell apart from there, but still, mid-table is a pleasing finish. Squad - not the biggest squad in the division and we did struggle with injuries over the season, but with what we had I thought we done very well, Ángel did very well in his first season in English football, contributing 12 goals over the course of the season, Smith was another one to arrive in the summer, and with 17 goals he did not disappoint, I will look to him again next season as my main striker, Minardi was the main man in defense, which is saying a lot because they were pretty poor. Transfers - Over £500k profit from sales, seeing as we are leaking money because of crap finances we needed to sell to stay in the black, hopefully with the new stadium we will actually make some money, most of the players sold were because they did not perform to what I expected of them, so they went and better quality were brought in. Finances - steadily on the up.
  14. How much are you paid ?

    £2,300 p/w with Bedford Town in The Championship.
  15. dafuge's FM09 challenge

    FFS, first few games of the season we were playing quite well and in the play-offs, now after losing a few games we're now 14th, this is going to be a long hard season