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  1. I would go and lurk around a bit in order to see what I mean. It can be a fun place to be if you read the rules and follow them. There are several good reads.
  2. In response to that last post, I would highly recommend you don't go to LLM as it is not a place for advice, but instead a place for career posting (read the stickies).
  3. I'm having the same problem in Finland. From what I've gathered, it's all tied to reputation. It seems that instead of actually qualifying for the champions league they are demanding a reputation of a team that makes the champions league. Which I think makes sense. Think about, BATE in Belarus or Shaktar Donetsk the Ukraine. They make at least the group stage in the CL seemingly every year, but are still unable to attract players of a calibre similar to the big clubs, and they struggle with keeping hold of their best players (Willian for example who now plays for non-CL team Anzhi in Russia). Reputation in real life and probably in the game although I can't corroborate it, is easier to get with a shed load of money than it is with sustained CL appearances. My advice would be to keep plugging away eventually your league's rep will increase which will serve to boost your own rep. And I'd also promise something a little less ambitious than CL qualification. Or sell those players and boost those coffers.
  4. Cyprus gets a huge bump from APOEL's quarter final run last year.
  5. I mean if this is the worst bug I ever get I won't be complaining too much. Champions league revenue more than covers it. Hopefully this means that I'll be getting a new stadium within the next couple of years as a result of the maxing out of my stadium (presuming of course that Puni is correct).
  6. Juve, Spurs, Galatasary Then the next year Barcelona, Dortmund, Roma
  7. I've been bugging the board for several years to expand our 6000-odd stadium, and finally they've delivered. -.- http://imgur.com/3W6M5q3
  8. I have a huge squad to try and field a fit XI each game. The fixture congestion is a large part of that. That and me being able to sign only AML that are made of glass, apparently.
  9. Also doing a Finland save over in LLM. It's a lot of fun. The really really really broad definition of an EU national makes things a lot easier as Finnish players playing in Finland are pretty much crap through and through. KUTGW, my Finnish brother.
  10. Is the EPPP integrated into FM 2013? From some of the complaints about young player costs it sounds like no, but I have a couple of pretty good youngsters coming through and I'd like to know if I should be prepared to throw my computer out of a window should a Premier League club swoop in and snap them up for £50,000 apiece.
  11. I'm having the same problem in regards to the editor, but it seems to only be with people. In the editor they exist, but in the game they're nowhere to be found.
  12. One small, easily done thing that I would like to see to both increase the realism and make contracts a little easier would be the inclusion of one-year contracts with an optional second year. A lot of lower league clubs and I've always thought its absence a little strange.
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