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  1. The #13

    I'm old school. And just go up by 1's. So yeah I do use number 13.
  2. I didn't know you could download tactics! I've always use my own tactics and they work like a treat. 4-1-3-2.
  3. Okay... finalised to these two. http://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/HP_Pavilion_G6-1392e_1163720.html http://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/Packard_Bell_EasyNote_TS11_1170752.html which one would you recommend?
  4. Thanks mate. But the other Laptop out of the way. I'll see what other people offer and see if the processor is good.
  5. Well... I'm not such a computer geek so I don't know what can run a game fast. Can anyone help me to check if this laptop will run fine... http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/5073252.htm 15.6 inch display. High definition display. Resolution 1366 x 768 pixels Intel Celeron dual core B815 processor. 1.6GHz processor speed. 4GB DDR3 RAM memory. 500GB SATA hard drive. Thanks
  6. serves you right! ROFL, I think if he was a Sugar Daddy, I doubt IRL they would sell the club if they love it.
  7. ROFL. In Blue Square Bet Premier in play-off final with Woking they missed a penalty in 90th minute when it was 2-2. We ended up winning 5-2 in Extra time!
  8. If only this was IRL. What year are you in, because you've let some Regular Leeds players out!
  9. I'll sell my Netbook and a few other not-needed things. I'll raise the price to £350. Still any idea of an Laptop that would work fine on FM.
  10. Awesome Regen Names

    Timberland Song. ^He was an English/Ghanaian.
  11. I don't know actually. I go on FIFA 12 and either go on that, or on Football manager. Also I spend about 3-4 hours of my time on them Monday-Friday, hardly no time on Saturdays because I'm a season ticket holder at Leeds and go up and down the country with them and on Sundays just bum it for the whole day.
  12. If you leave a Team you have to Holiday and select Accept any job offer. It saves waiting for a job to be offered and just clicking continue to look at dull news. Also the end of season wait. In England always skip it to July 20th. So it doesn't take forever to skip, and also enough time to place offers.
  13. My non-league career with Sheffield F.C. I'm from Sheffield and I thought it was a good idea to manage them on Football Manager. I'm a season ticket holder at Leeds, but I sometimes go to a Sheffield game from time to time. Good stuff.
  14. Well... I've had warnings from the FA for complaining about referee's decisions or others, but I've never been fined or had touch-line bans. Is it even possible to get these ban's and if so what did you do to receive it! Thanks. Title meant to say "Fined" not "Find" by the way. lol
  15. Show me some 4-4-2 love!

    It depends on the players really. If I have 3 beastly strikers it has to be 4.3.3 or 3.4.3. Same with midfielder and defenders! But if the team is average I always use 4.4.2.