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  1. By virtually unchanged I was referring to the game as a whole not the match engine. If you have two identical plates but one is broken, they are still identical, just one is broken. Same with the match engines.
  2. I agree, I am currently uninstalling FM2012 and reinstalling 2011. It is much the same game, except the match engine at least functions to a good standard, and the player interaction system works most of the time, and the rest of the game actually works. These things in 2012: match engine (which they will not be working on, I find this completely incomprehensible) and morale/interactions are completely unacceptable. I can't describe how frustrating I have found the match engine on 2012, it take a considerable amount of investment of time and effort to play this game well, and to be rewarded after all that with this atrocity is just going to put many, many people off. If you want my advice SI, stop making the match engine about sensationalism and random events, and make it an extension of the simulation. I want to see the work I do before games have at least some bearing on the game, else whats the point? Its not just me either, if you go round forums of even FM fan sites, you will find a tangible disgruntlement at this years game.
  3. Bingo. In my opinion the match engine is absolutely and completely NOT balanced or realistic, the ME is more or less broken. The early goal problem and others are examples of this. IT just has a tabloid/arcadey feel to it, with too many scripted events and in my opinion, not enough of what you do to prepare for a match has any impact what so ever on what happens. And why on earth a game that has graphics worse than actua soccer in the 90s should take up so much processing power I will never know. In my opinion not addressing the weaknesses in the BROKEN Match Engine is a major blunder. You have just lost a customer, I will not be forking out for another game which has something fixed, that should have been fixed 2 or 3 games ago, just because SI felt tinkering with the UI and not fixing bugs for 3 games running was good enough. Thankyou and goodnight.
  4. Is it worth getting FM12?

    In a word: No. Not yet anyway, at this stage the game has a biblical amount of bugs, like 2011 at the same point last year. Also the match engine is much much worse and is more imbalanced compared to last year. The two main improvements are basically allowing more info on bigger screens, and being able to add/remove leagues while playing. And the screen improvement is the only one that works as far as I can tell. Things that weren't broken in 2011 (such as notes in notebook) are now broken, the tone system while it would have been a nice addition if the team talks were well implemented, is just another thing to frustrate due to the lack of realism. So to sum up, maybe it will be worth it in 6-7 month when its been polished up, but for now its overall worse than 2011 in my opinion.
  5. This game has more bugs than a Mexicans dinner, its a bit worrying to be honest.
  6. early goal

    Yes this I think is definitely the main problem with the match engine at the moment, this and other aspects make it unbalanced and ruin the suspension of disbelief, which is a key factor of a 'simulation' game. SIGames MUST MUST MUST make fixing/overhauling the match engine the first priority, and they should do it with patches and updates for this game, not wait for 2013, as people will be just put off by then.
  7. early goal

    I have a problem with this too, in my opinion the whole match experience makes this game difficult to like at times. Has been the case for a number of years now. The games are overly scripted, the team talks just try to catch you out alot of the time, when in real life they are a tool of the manager, not a minefield. I have played three matches so far, all with big scorelines, 1-3 L, 4-0 W, 3-0 L. In FM2011 there were also alot of high scoring games. The matchday just ruins all sence of realism. They need to sort it out asap. This game is full of bugs and needs serious work, I can't believe it got released in this condition. Sloppy stuff really. Whats the point in 800 improvements if the most important thing is still busted.