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  1. Hi Knap, Really love your tactics! I'm playing with Leeds United and I promoted first season and second season I'm champions right away. Now I've moved on from being underdog to being a top-tier team so I was wondering: What tactic is the best for a top tier team? THanks in advance! EDIT: I've been using the Beowulf 4-4-2 btw
  2. Nope, he has 'dictates tempo' and 'does not dive into tackles'. What should a good PPM be for the DLP?
  3. Are there important/useful PPMs to have on the players? I use this tactic and it's working brilliantly. I am Hellas Verona The only downside is that my DLP always gets a very low rating compared to other players. He has a pass completion of 90% but I think they are all very simple passes. Is this supposed to be?
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