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  1. Really silly question here, been playing football manager for years and I'm obviously being really silly but where is it you go in-game to view the current coefficient qualification places? Been trying to find it for a good 20 minutes to no avail Thanks
  2. 3-0 down at half time v Falkirk, won 4-3. Stuff of legend. I will never forget that game. If that was on Football Manager, it would've been dismissed as unrealistic. We have the chance to win the Scottish Cup for the first time in 111 years against Celtic in 6 weeks time. COME ON THE HIBEES!
  3. I'm Hibernian (Hibs) my favourite team in the world, we're in 2023 and we're the 11th best club in the world apparantly. My highest earner is on 63k p/week, however, a very high yearly wage rise on a player built up so high he was on 105k p/week, I sold him the second I realised, he was just a player on the bench too, he was one of my best players but he was getting too old and wasn't scoring as much.
  4. 143,000 in 1948 Good luck mate, and make sure you beat Hearts
  5. Good mate let us know how you get on. I'll post an update as to how I'm doing at the weekend. Maybe even start a story in the story thread. Into my 10th season now.
  6. Hibs playing in a massive cup quarter final tomorrow. 3:00 BBC 1 Scotland. Put it on and cheer on the mighty Hibees.
  7. impressive mate. This is honestly the only ever goal I've ever celebrated on Football Manager and unbelievably I probably celebrated more than I do at the games when the real Hibs score. When the 3rd went in I expected us to score again but only the 90th minute I had basically given up, before the ball hit Paddy Bamford from the free kick. The rest was history.
  8. Lets put this into perspective, 2019, Hibs have won, 2 SPL's on the bounce, soon to be 3, 2 Scottish Cups and 3 League Cups. Last Season we reached the Champions League Last 16 (Beaten by Arsenal) This Season, we beat Barcelona in the last 16, we were very lucky despite a convincing scoreline overall. So, Quarter Final, Champions League, Real Madrid won the first leg, 2-0 at the Bernabeu. Time to head to Easter Road [video=youtube;nigpN0inCx0] Apologies for the dreadful quality
  9. Oh my god! Possibly most the unbelievable result in Football Manager History, Drama! Drama! Drama! Bearing in mind, we beat Barcelona in the Last 16, here is our quarter final 2nd leg, after a 2-0 loss in the first leg. Enjoy! [video=youtube;nigpN0inCx0]
  10. Wee bump here, how is everyone getting on in there saves? I've not played it much over Christmas and with exams coming up there won't be much more until June. So, hows everyone doing?
  11. Everton and Man Utd are my 2 English teams I like to do well and I've attended a few Everton games. I suppport Hibs in the SPL for anyone interested. Gonna start a save as Everton and I'll let you guys know how I get on. Mon The Toffees!
  12. I would be interested to see this can anyone give me a link or point me in the right direction, can't find it anywhere? Thanks FTL
  13. Might have a go of a Hamilton save, I have always liked them, Sam Stanton and Danny Handling on loan will be my prime targets. How are you getting on this season IRL a possible SPL return? Always loved going to NDP.
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