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  1. Decent feedback when there is an error (advanced rules).
  2. Is it no longer possible to change the directory for the FM 16 folders with saves,graphics,...?
  3. I might do it again, but I'm not buying the game immediately as I have not the time at the moment to either play or create some mods. But in the end, for existing leagues, it's not a huge work.
  4. The guys who did these things for previous versions will do them again, don't worry.
  5. Yes, just open the editor, pick the default or 15.3 DB and then load the "free agent database" editor data file.
  6. Version 1.1 https://mega.co.nz/#!w8N3mShR!42Tp8AFVdZm0ubxpgXF3ZkED-72eoh3yOkxT8S0E9KM
  7. Yeah, upsets are impossible, but with only 12 teams, in knockout stage even, also next to improbable anyway I'm afraid. But the dark horses have two other cups to put their hopes on. Anyway, I'm adding a final four to the CL and CWC to make it a little bit more cup-like. Should be done and tested tomorrow What do you mean?
  8. There are some here: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/407295-FM15-Leagues-World-Pack-South-America-Europe-North-America-Asia-Africa-Oceania
  9. Beta version with European Leagues: https://mega.co.nz/#!9xFERL5a!yF9oVsBREgE8hP1C3m9b2vxWx5oJQtS4atgZMhyIGN0 European Leagues have a different setup than previously discussed, but had too much problems with it that way. First year, selected teams could be a little bit off, but once the competitions are up and running, there should be no problems. If any occur, please do tell me.
  10. Changed the clubs to their 'new' countries, did some changes in the structure, added the countries in the list. But still not the result I need. Editor turns worse and worse every year it seems.
  11. Maybe, i should compare it with some other data to be sure.
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