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    His armband proved he was a red!!! You\'ll never walk alone it said!!! Fernando Torres -
  1. FM08: A Race Odyssey

    Hope I get a move and then we can see the Flamilson of old.
  2. Steve Eyre is great - as is Pat Rice.
  3. So ive gone to Russia

    Better title would have been 'From Russia With Love'
  4. You don't need to offer his buy out clause - offer 12mil and they usually accept.
  5. It's okay lol - I still wouldn't pay it
  6. De Rossi is the defensive midfielder btw, are you thinking of Rossi? I've decided not to pay it anyway.
  7. Urgent!!!! Would you pay 31 million now and 21 million over 24 monts for De Rossi?
  8. Top of the league after winning them all bar one. Which I drew against United.
  9. Would you pay around 10mil for Paddy Veira?
  10. He looks okay! Have you seen his stats It's not his stats I'm worried about, it's how he copes under pressure.
  11. Has anyone had Andreason? I've had him before for Villa and he was awesome, but has anyone had him for a top 4 club?
  12. Yeah... His stamina could do with some improving.
  13. Has anyone had any experience with Tavares? 18 Tackling, 18 Passing, 17 Positioning. Shall I sign him for 800k?
  14. Thanks for that Balthazars, who do you think would be a good signing for the defensive midfield position? I was thinking along the lines of Bodmer, Palombo and maybe even De Rossi. *Edit* Would Zapater or Makoun be good enough?