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  1. Can anyone upload a save with Oxford in the Prem please?
  2. I'm thinking of starting either wisla + tilla's old Shetland vs Orkney sign up or CoachFlu's old Rise of the small nations sign up. Which one do you think and would anyone have any problems with it?
  3. Can you add this link into the opening post in this thread underneath the bold writing at the top p[lease? Also, can the link be called 'Here is the original challenge'. Cheers.
  4. I'm starting a new game as Oxford, any reccommendations on who to sign?
  5. Finished the first season top of the league, as you can see here. And the FA Trophy. But we got knocked out in the FA Cup and What I want to know is whether my squad is good enough for League Two. And here are my transfers from the first season... The players... Amadou Sanokho Angelo Balanta - - 3 Month Loan at the start of the season. Cristian Fernandez David Faderne (Fans Player Of The Season. Derek Fleming Dries Boussatta Emil Salmonsson Magnus Svensson Mehdi Makhloufi Paul Keegan Sefyo Soley Sherjill Macdonald - he was sent by parent club West Brom. Then a player who I think is the only one good enough to last me to the Prem (If I can increase his physical stats... Japa... [/img] I think that is everything PP
  6. I'm just going to take everyone's silence as their way of saying that it's the perfect challenge and I should make it ASAP
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