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    15 year old season ticket holder at nottingham Forest. Play football for a club.


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  1. A 3D match engine would be excellent and with stadium features it would be even better!!! Or there could be the option to c;lick on a stadium in a clubs infomation screen and a stadium profile comes up containing details on ground and perhaps a photo for good measure (similar to player profiles). Buying houses, cars etc would be a waste of time in my opinion, after all it FOOTBALL manager not Car manager! Or a cheap attempt at a copy of FM (e.g Total Club Manager)!
  2. I havent played in the prem on 08 yet, but in the championship i have plenty of goals from corners disallowed!!! They seem to be all from Darren Purse!
  3. I definitely enjoy fm 08 and i do believe that in overall it is a slight inprovement from 07. The match engine has become more realistic and currently i'm in the middle of my 5th season. However i can see the frustration of those who are unhappy with the board/fan confidence. On another game i was Spain and drew to bulgaria 1-1 in a euro 2008 group game, the fans were happyish. I made it the quarter finals and beat rivals portugal, played well but the fans were slightly dissapointed despite the team playing reasonably well and ending the spell of Spanish underachievment which hasn't seen them do especially well in any major tournament for quite a while! One the other hand however, FM 08 is a gr8 game and is definitely enjoyable and much better than its nearest managerial gaming rival of Championship Manager.
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