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  1. Ok yes i do see your point and reasoning
  2. But IRL a footballers potential can change. I understand the oxymoron element you say but a young player of 18 who say doesnt look a world beater and therefore IRL would have a lower potential, could actually turn out (with the right training, management or other factors) a lot better than originally thought. No? Jamie Vardy's potential when he first was in non league would be less to say when he was about to leave Fleetwood for Leicester. You could argue the 'potential' was always there but was it always at the same level? A static PA can never be as accurate as the real world of football. Well, thats my opinion anyway. Fair point on this. I guess it would never be something id be much into. Along with the social media element they have brought in.
  3. So this was always likely to finally be the year i dont buy an FM release. Not been feeling it since 2010 and to be honest just havnt felt like enough decent changes have gone into the game these past few years, in my opinion anyway. For someone like me, who has no interest in 3d etc, ive been disappointed but not surprised to see that once again that seems to be where the majority of the focus has gone, but hoping if anyone can answer any of the following 1. Has any sort of decent and accurate Academy presence been introduced this year? Seeing as many top clubs have them ive always hoped they would be better represented in the game? 2. International management. Has it finally been improved to a decent level? 3. Youth side of the game. Always been terribly underwhelming for me. I of course understand the legal restrictions on having real players under a certain age in the game but why does that need to stop SI from having lower ag groups represented? Fill them with generated players then let the editing community go to work. At least that way we could bring through players from a much earlier age, like in real life. Would be so satisfying. 4. Has the media and press conference side been improved? One of the most tedious aspects of the game with repetitive questions and the same old feel to every conference. 5. CA/PA - has it finally been made more dynamic instead of being so static? For example - as in real life a discarded player from say Man City joins a non league club, does brilliantly for a few years and at 25 gets a chance in the premier league. Surely the PA of this player should reflect the rise. But it often doesnt as its set at a determined PA. Again, very unrealistic. Those are always what i would love to be improved on so any answers in regards to the above questions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  4. New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    But Surely this will be fine for running Football Manager?....... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GREAT-CONDITION-DELL-LATITUDE-E5440-CORE-i5-8GB-RAM-500GB-SSHD-WIN-10-/253119797498?hash=item3aef1d98fa:g:ffcAAOSwHPlWgGcu Dont get me wrong, i know the desktop is far better but to be honest i dont play FM a huge load these days and ill have an xbox one for the son for his gaming. So the laptop will offer portability for me, with the odd game on fm. Other than that its used for internet, spotify and some video editing stuff. Would the processor above not be able to run 10/12 leagues and a large database ok do you think? Point is i dont want to spend a fortune or save up for some beast of a laptop as it wont be worth it for what i use it for, so something that can play FM comfortably is good for me, within that price range
  5. New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    Hi, So im looking at selling my gaming pc. Its excellent and perfect for FM18 but......its a desktop as i said, i want the space and ease that a laptop gives. Now im not looking for a specific laptop as ill be buying used but i would like to know a few things in regards to processors. I currently have an excellent i5 6600k in the desktop. With 16gb of ram this is great. But i dont want to spend all my money from the desktop sale on a laptop so in regards to age/generation of processors, how old is ok? I couldnt care less about 3d options, i want speed and power as i like as much detail as possible combined with decent speed of game. Im guessing concentrate on i5 and i7, dont want to go for U series etc but how far back could i go? 3rd gen? Again, its all about speed and power, i can add extra ram if needed but should be fine with 8gb. This laptop will be used or refurbished to help with price as wont want to spend more than £350 Thanks!
  6. I tried that, i have some regen facepack i added but it doesnt cover the whole original regen face, cant remember what files i added though so was just hoping to overwrite with the original folders again.
  7. As title suggests, i need the original hair folders as somehow messed mine up without saving original ones Would be much appreciated!!!
  8. Hi all Need help. Looking for a new club to manage but have a few pre requisites, those being..... - a club outside of the top league, ideally 3rd or 4th - squad with youth / decent average age - squad with potential for players to progress up the leagues - decent youth / training setup I want to take the team up through the leagues. I'm open to suggestions in regards to what leagues, preferably in Europe though but will listen to other options. Apologies if this is posted in the wrong place, I didn't think we had a what team to manage thread this year?!
  9. Excellent, thanks SteveUK i didnt realise they had those options!!
  10. Welshace - what do you mean in regards to Neil Taylor and selling his buyout clause? I cant see anything to do with that in game?
  11. He even has similar height and weight. Heard of him and his brother but good shout!!
  12. Yeah thats very true, Bergkamp was much more of a goal scoring attacker in his early days, became far more accomplished and more rounded later on. Good call with Dolberg. I was thinking he could be similar, will check the thread out on here about him! Yeah i think Henry is easier to match but its getting a player to a similar level that would be the problem. In his day he was simply unstoppable at times!! So you're an Ajax fan? Tempted to try them out on this game!
  13. As the title suggests, looking for anyones ideas, opinions/finds in regards to players in game that are either currently most similar to or have the potential to be similar to or the new Dennis Bergkamp or Thierry Henry. Im an Arsenal fan and every version i hope to see......The New Thierry Henry or Similar to Dennis Bergkamp but never do so was wondering what other people though in regards to this.......
  14. Club Overview Panel

    Cheers for this mate! Much appreciated!
  15. Ill be keeping Kleinheisler and Guwara but if possible ill be terminating the loans of the others. And Milosevic also if possible. Want to shape the squad myself, not happy with those loans!!