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  1. Yep, adds absolutely nothing to the forum. Can someone not close this thread?!
  2. Another brilliant reply, thank you very much. I think I might have to have two saves now, Genk and Freiburg
  3. Great suggestion and even better write up mate. Really appreciate it! You've sold Genk to me completely lol Im firing up FM as we speak and ill get a save loaded up now! Thanks again!
  4. Only played around a bit so far but a few things good and bad stand out for me Tactics and training. Whilst it looks daunting and I've had a tendency to leave to my ass man in previous versions, I do think it has certainly been improved. I definitely rate how the new tactics screen looks and feels. Nice work. Press conferences. Once again, even after countless times people all saying the same it appears these havnt changed and a lot of people just leave to the ass man to do. How the are right now, for me personally it's a pointless and irritating feature of the game. Youth footb
  5. I don't play it, I've only toyed around with it. I'm not saying they shouldn't give an option of an editor for it but I don't think it's a deal breaker in playing it without one. For me it's the light version of the game so if I want an editor and all the bells and whistles then I'll play the main version.
  6. As per usual I'm really struggling to pick a club, so looking for some help. The important parts are European club. Doesn't matter the division although that will be determined by my other factors. Ideally from a league that is decent rep or has ability to improve. A good core group of promising players and also a decent youth setup. Love joining a club with 3 or more high potential players. Also a couple of already good players to build a team around is great. Not one of the big clubs or favourites from the league. My fab ever save was an ADO Den Haag save. Ideall
  7. And you seem to have forgotten that he was addressing the comment - "Needs an Editor or isnt worth it!" - which was someone else sharing a blunt opinion and view. The editor ISNT needed. Its a personal preference whether you wish to use it or not but its not a gamebreaker and certainly doesnt make Fm Touch not worth it. In my opinion, seeing as we are going down that path.
  8. I reckon there has been more speculation on the fm19 beta release than the whole history of humankind wondering the meaning of life.
  9. Would make sense. I don't agree with people hassling him non stop but it's a simple fix to remedy that
  10. Most likely post ive read! They're probably wondering how long they can keep everyone waiting Ill ask a more serious FM related question. What do people think the reality of SI being able to implement lower age group youth teams in future? Appreciate for legal reasons they cant input real players under certain ages but could they have lower age classes full of regens and leave the rest to the community to edit??
  11. Yet you're still adding to it. Hilarious. Why even bother reading/replying/interacting in a thread you obviously dont like or have an interest in? Seems a bit pointless to me. Its all harmless fun for people who are clearly excited for the release. Clearly you're a barrel of laughs....
  12. Willem II for me. Gonna see if i can get into Europe and then break into the top 3. Even though after fm18 i said id unlikely play again as i clearly wasnt into the game like i used to be in my much younger days........ dammit.
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