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  1. thanks i will try that. you dont reckon having a low concentration has any effect?
  2. Hi All, I'm playing with newly promoted west brom in the EPL and i bought this player with good attributes but the problem is he's always underperforming. he's consistancy is 11 out of 20 and big matches is the same. do you reckon it's a tactical problem?
  3. it works, turns out ive been getting this allow pop up window all along but in an internet explorer window that never completely loads due to errors so i never knew what that window was and used to close it. when i took the link of that pop up and put it on chrome, i got the permission request and i clicked allow and then the store worked. Thanks
  4. I still cant revoke the access because i cant find my game in the Apps tab in Epic games website. i can only see "no 3rd party apps connected to your account" I've been trying to email the Epic games support to fix it but they seem like they have no idea what im talking about and they keep telling me that this is a problem with the game and not their website... did anyone manage to revoke access to the game through the epic website?
  5. i downloaded the Australian pyramid and this happens as well. i wont use databases anymore
  6. Hey Mate, Thanks for the file but it seems like a few of us keep getting the application error on the 2nd and 3rd seasons, perhaps worth doing a "go on holiday" simulation for a few seasons to see if any errors will come up?
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