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  1. I am a massive Forest fan and I haven't done a Forest one yet on this year game. I'm going to start one this morning. My recommendations would be to sell Findley, Mcgoldrick, Greening and Tubgay to free up wages. with the quality of the squad, these would struggle to get into the squad. Derbyshire would be a decent back up striker to the 3 you got. I would recommend if you sell Derbyshire, to bring in a young striker on loan because the 3 strikers you got, bringing in a young striker on loan will help. I would recommend investing into the youth team eailer so you can reek the benefits of it. Nick Marshall does a cracking job in singling out cracking players
  2. I've just started a Pompy game after reading this. I haven't had a take over yet and it been 2 weeks. How long did everyone wait before they had one?
  3. Since the new eppp come acrossed. I thought about creating a reserves under 21 leagues for premier league and the npower leagues. Will i gave to put the leagues into the reserves/youth leagues or the secondary leagues?
  4. i've been thinking about the youth teams playing in the lower leagues. I created a under 21 fa cup where teams have 2 involve 11 under 21 players and it's working. I've changed the man u set up where they had a under 21 team instead of a under 18 and have players coming through their. Problem was they didn't play as much. The way i'm looking at it is i might create a premier league under 21 league.
  5. I had him at Depotivo, he was my back up striker to Jordan Powell and Lukaku. He was quite a decent signing.
  6. I took over Depotivo in December in the 1st season. They was 11th and struggling for consistency in form. They turned their form round and i took them up via automatic promotion. Since then i kept them up and turned them into a champions league team. I'm in the 2016/2017 and I won. La Liga once, Spanish cup once, Spanish super cup twice. The squad i got now is able to challenge for top 4 every season. When i won La Liga, the board only expected me to challenge for Champions League football.
  7. if anyone has done this game and i am curious to do 1. Is the chairmen penitence with you and gives yourself the full backing needed to transform this team.
  8. i'm doing a depo one at the moment. it is quality
  9. Hi guys, i know i'm not a regular on here but what i am wondering is how do you guys build a development squad at your team and how would you go about it. I always make my reserves free for the under 18's a chance to play in it and develop them. When the good one's gets to the age of 18, i always put them into the reserves and allow them to either play the reserves games and the odd cup game or go out on loan. What i am wondering if their was a thread that consist of developing the development squad and if someone can point me on how to do that. thanks Dan
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