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  1. Where are the team talks?

    Surely this should be moved? GQ's?
  2. Football manager journal

    Zavvi is still cheapest at £17.95. I have a feeling the Journal would sit festering in a drawer....
  3. This is the *exact* scenario where people assume the AI cheats. Put a screenie up of the match stats and I am sure someone with better tactical nouse than me will pick some holes in it and tell you where you are going wrong. Does your AssMan give you advice during the game? Do you follow this advice? As far as I am aware - the only cheat there has ever been for FM (or the proper CM) games was Mr Bulgaria on 93-94
  4. http://www.guardian.co.uk/sport/blog/2009/aug/25/the-question-diamond-tactics-jonathan-wilson
  5. I think for £17.95 it is worth the gamble. I am only marginally interested in the comp editor. Going to use it purely to get Unibond Div 1 North (and equivalents) in the game!
  6. Good luck Grimoz. Hope you can keep the job. Maybe the board are thinking that as you achieved two promotions, you should be looking at a third one What is the chairman like?
  7. Idea/Suggestion

    Not a bad idea. I think it would require quite a bit more detail on the locations in the game. As far as I know, they only have a reputation assigned. For this to work I imagine you would also need an 'atmosphere' and / or 'vibe' kind of rating for locations.
  8. your age for playing FM

    Reading through this thread I can almost hear the satisfying crunch of my old Amiga 500 processing end of season
  9. Lack of Harmony at club

    You're players don't like each other... Did you sign C-Ashley Cole or something?
  10. Job Interviews?

    I agree that press conferences are repetitive. They are the thing I dislike the most about FM. I think Job interviews would be better as they would be few and far between.
  11. The changes seem like they are being done instantly, but they could have had these queued already. I still don't see how the AI could cheat and make instant tactical decisions. The AI will have submitted a change to the engine in the same way you would but behind the scenes. Then when it goes dead, the changes are put in place. I don't see subs running on while the ball is in play so cannot see how anything else could be classed as cheating. Remember, you always have the pause button to stop play and allow you to make the changes before submitting them.
  12. Automatic should be fine. You'll probably find the board will treat you like your an ex-international footballer if you start at a larger club. I think Spurs count I wouldn't shy away from Continental footy though. It can be very rewarding managing over there. I personally have found Italian football very satisfying due to the difficulty. Maybe you could go at it with Spurs and when you've won the league move to Italy?
  13. Job Interviews?

    Very good point. I very rarely move clubs in game and would not find this repetitive at all. My loyalty stat would be 19 I think
  14. I love this league table Come on Colwyn! Glad that FM09 does this. Hard to tell really as there is less attention paid to the 8th tier.