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  1. Im sick of hearing how good Messi is he is lazy and overated. very overated too!
  2. i havent got an iphone so an app for the iphone would be useless to me im not a sheep
  3. Olly hunter you must be mad putting your mobile number on here i would like that but i dont play as much now because iv had a daughter
  4. Im playing as Chelsea and they just bleed money. I ended the 1st season 36mill in debt
  5. i really really don't like how my backroom staff keep telling me to change a players squad status. If i pick a player for 99% of matches then its obvious i value him as a pretty key member/indispensable player to my team I dont like it!
  6. i got paid more at Montpellier than i am now talk about kicking a old man when hes down wheres the support
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