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  1. Thank you so much. Answers all of my questions.
  2. Hi, Got the in-game editor today to add a couple of affiliated clubs. In the in-game editor pop-up, all of my current affiliated clubs have a start date and an end date. What does the end date mean, specifically? Is it literally that? The day it ends? What should I set the date as for my new affiliated club? Some of the dates have already been passed, without the affiliation ending. All of these, however, already had the "Permanent deal" option ticked. Is that why they remain active? Thanks.
  3. I decided not to do it. I've had this laptop for three years now, and it's by far the most happy I've been with any electronic device I've had. Minus a few occasions where it's frozen (admittedly my fault because I've been lazy on the reboots and updates), the computer has barely even lagged in its entire period of use. Why change something I'm as happy with and has been as stable for me.
  4. Hi, As you may know, free Windows 10 upgrade ends today. I use my laptop exclusively for FM, browsing and social media like Skype and Viber. Is there any point for me to upgrade? I don't like the userface of Win10 or really any of what it offers, so this question is based exclusively on whether it will make FM16 (or future versions) run smoother. I have an Acer with 12 GB Ram, Win 8.1, Intel Core i5-3230M CPU @ 2.60 GHz. Currently, it suits my FM and general needs very well. So is there any point?
  5. Thank you so much. Do you have a list of all the free attributes? I'm assuming it's mostly set pieces?
  6. Hi, Just wondering if increased determination, ambition, professionalism and those things use CA/PA points? So if I have a player with a poor personality, but then give him a tutor, and improve his personality, will this have used ability points? This is FM15. Thanks.
  7. Hi, This is FM15. How should I train players who are fully developed? I've downloaded an editor to check, and the players in question have no PA left. My team's general training is on Balanced and lowest intensity. With the players in question, I'm not really sure what to do. With some of them, I assign a free skill (like free kicks), with others I keep training them in their role and with some I just give them no individual focus at all. The problem is that frequently they get red arrows all over the place. It annoys me. Some even lose one or two full values on certain skills, while still retaining their CA. So is what's happening that their CA gets assigned to other skills? I don't want that. I just want them to remain as they are. So what should I do?
  8. Hi. Something like this happens a lot for me. First-team players suddenly having red arrows all over the place. Two examples: Lorenzo Crisetig - http://i.imgur.com/dzPJ2Gf.png Jeronimo Rulli - http://i.imgur.com/iH1ytFu.png Is there any way to counter this, or should I simply not pay attention to it at all? Is it something that just happens, regardless of what I do? My general training is og Balanced - Low, and I have all my players on role training with high intensity.
  9. I'm not really sure. I saved the game before asking just to test, and even though I won three titles last year, the board wouldn't let me hire additional scouts even if I threatened to resign. Two weeks later, they increased the number of allowed scouts from 27 to 30. And now they changed their mind again, just as I was about to hire the additional three scouts. My best advice would be to hope for a bipolar chairman. I'm guessing that the number of allowed scouts is tied to your club reputation, and that a small increase could be enough to increase the number of scouts, while the smallest decrease in rep could change it negatively again if you're just above the limit. In all honesty, I find this part of the game to be somewhat unrealistic. If you're new at a club, or in a tight financial situation, then fair enough, but if you're established at a club with almost unlimited resources, I can't see why a chairman would even bother if you've got 27 or 30 scouts.
  10. I've tried a mixture of what all of you have said in this thread. Will see how it goes. The board is allowing me 30 scouts now, so that'll give me enough room to experiment a bit.
  11. It adds more players to your game, yes. You can add leagues at any time, but it won't be completed until the start of the next season in that country. The actual date from which they'll be active will be shown in the screen where you add leagues.
  12. Look for transferlisted players. Buy cheap. Also go through decent clubs in the major leagues and look for players who didn't play much last season. I got Tielemans for £5 million to Brentford in my first season in the Premiership like this. Also look for players with expiring contracts.
  13. Does this mean you think I won't need to have him in an individual training focus?
  14. Cleon: I haven't used or trained him before; I just signed him from Real Madrid. The screenshot is from the day before I signed him. The inverting striker role, perhaps?
  15. Hi, I've signed Cristiano Ronaldo in 2020. He's on massive wages for two years, so I hope I can keep him on a somewhat acceptable level for at least the majority of the contract. I know he'll fade significantly, but I mostly signed him for fun. This is what he looks like today: http://i.imgur.com/j3442mt.png What should I focus on? Role? Or keeping his physical attributes up?
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