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  1. This is something I've always thought would be useful, but as others have suggested, since it's not something that I've really seen happened in real competitive football, I'm not sure how valid it would be to implement it. The rule set involved to implement this would be difficult. You'd almost need some sort of position tracking option. Say assign a defender to the central defensive position nearest player x (perhaps with the caveat that he only moves if the player tracked is still in a forward position). What's certain is it's definitely a difficulty in the current set-up as if you only ma
  2. I hate that board announcement after winning a competition. They say you were always one of the favourites, but weren't you a third seed? Shame that you went narrow just in time for a promising wide player to show up!
  3. As I said before, this is your scouts report vs your coaches report (probably from your assistant unless you've changed responsibilities). It's quite possible that one is better than the other or the scout didn't see enough of the player. Staff aren't perfect and will often disagree.
  4. The mechanic in real life is actually slightly different. In that to discuss a contract, you just need permission from the club a player is currently contracted to. So it sometimes happens that a player agrees terms with a club, but the clubs can't agree on the fee. However, in FM you must ALWAYS agree a fee first (as it is in all football games I've ever played). I'm not sure this difference in the mechanic has a huge impact on me. As I'd never let a club talk to my player before I've agreed a fee.
  5. This would only happen if you've not had a recent scout report, or you have a different level of ability for judging potential/ability between the scout who reported on him and the coach who's reporting on him (once signed). Players are always rated in comparison to your team, not the team a player is currently at.
  6. I tend to put a note on the manager so when a loan comes in, I check the manager and see if I flagged him as 'letting me down'. However, mostly if you loan a player to a team where your coach reports says the player is currently at that divisional level, then players should get the game time.
  7. I think the key difficulties to identify tactical issues in FM are:- 1. Understanding when a tactic is just plain wrong! - This should be fairly obvious if you watch a match on full as you'll see why you keep losing the ball/conceding gaols/not making chances and so forth (analysing afterwards if possible, but harder to understand). However, unless you are playing FMC, this can be muddied with point 2 2. Understanding when a tactics isn't working simply because the team aren't familiar enough with it yet. This is a little harder to spot, as until you've played enough games to ensure the pla
  8. Playing devils advocate here, but it's possible 6 of the shots were after blocks/saves/tackling, so there was no key pass leading to it? I must admit I always believed that key passes were those before an assist or for a saved shot. However, maybe on the new system, key passes are linked to CCC's?
  9. Just a small piece of advice, you may want to allow ANY Home Grown (own club) players to be exempt from registration. Otherwise you may find lots of teams fail to build squads properly as they will keep having to sell all their 21 year old's that become too old for the next season and too many would retire before achieving their potential. Eventually this would destroy English football! If you exempt homegrown, you're still encouraging youth as they would be able to use their best youth academy graduates. I'd just managed to escape a long term save and now you've gone and given me the bug al
  10. Please note my statement had a caveat. As OP stated their most valuable player is 100k and spending 200k per month on youth, this seems to suggest that currently a step back is needed (although waiting until after the youth intake might be worthwhile since they're still in the first season and might produce better value).
  11. I would suggest taking this hit and reducing the spend for youth facilities (unless you're producing the youth to outweigh the investment, it's not really worth keeping if it means you'll lose your job). The other option is deperately looking for a good parent club that pays you to be a feeder (although you won't get the 2.4m you need to steady the sinking ship).
  12. Not technically, but in a literal sense. We get this information from the players 'Favoured' personnel list. So maybe the boy just doesn't know you're the father (Ryan Giggs/John Terry like behaviour) or he's just indifferent to his dad as he spent all his time working
  13. If you only want them to try and sign players for certain positions, instead of letting him roam free, you can add specific recommendations to the transfer wanted lists. If they have recommendations, they'll instantly add to the list for you to review, then you can ask them to attempt a deal. Also I would like to second that it would be nice to ask these deal makers to only sign players who 'fit the current formations' as in the instance above, a winger-less formation means you have NO wide midfielders/wingers in your squad, so the DOF immediately identifies that as a lacking in the squad and
  14. I'm happy with a 9 for Jumping Reach at Skrill level It does depend a lot on how you play, however, having a lower reach for one of your center-backs CAN be okay. But it adds extra obstacles. Most teams will have 2 decent tall CB's: So if you only have 1, you're risking a miss-match for one of these players on set-pieces, so this would need to be managed (checking how many tall players the opposition has to ensure you have sufficient tall players marking 'tall' on set pieces to cover them and setting the short CB to just 'mam-mark'). You'd also likely want to have the taller CB always coveri
  15. Not that I'd want it, and a little off topic, but do people know if teams in the game can have setups (or change their setups) to enforce a Director of Football for signings upon you? Obviously it would be annoying and difficult, but I just wondered if the setup exists?
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