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  1. In my game im Dortmund and i now have a squad which completely dominates the Bundesliga and Europe. i have been at Dortmund 5 season, won the title 5 times and the Champions League 3 times and now im bored. What it is, is that i want to resign but im scared incase i dont get a good job offer. I want to return to England and take a team to the top which i have done with Dortmund. Barcelona offered me their job after sacking Mancini in January but i didnt want to take it as i was en route for another title and Champions League. I would love SI games to bring in a 'Pep Guardiola' rule where.. e.g its January and youre either with a team or jobless and can agree to take over a new club in the summer instead of straight away. Just like a future transfer.
  2. JayIgnition

    Football Manager 2013

    Signing players based on first team football and your facilities etc instead of your reputation id like to have a bid accepted along with a couple of other clubs and the player and his agent turn up at our ground and we talk about what we want to do with him and where we want the club to go with him in the team plus let him see our training facilities etc... and then he could go off to another club and do the same and they could lose out on signing him as he doesnt feel their facilities are good enough for him to for-fill his potential or he isnt guaranteed first team football, yes this may take a while and be frustrating but its part of being a manager?? international clearance... far too many times ive signed a player on the exact same day i have a game and have been able to put him straight into action.. why isnt there international clearance etc? sign a player on the same day and not be able to play him for a day or 2 til he has clearance or has loose ends to tie up at his home(could mean he has to fly back to his homeland or current country to sort out some personal issues) also id like to try and manage in the U21 league and have my star striker taken away from me and put into the first team as hes been right on form, part and parcel of the game. id like to be tested like that. being able to attend work permit decisions to fight your case when you appeal a turned down work permit and let the people know what you plan to do with this player and his stay in England etc wont be a waste of time.
  3. How is this possible in the game? I already knew it could happen but it got my attention again when i noticed i had a left back from America in my youth candidates in my Liverpool save, now i know the owner of Liverpool is American so maybe thats why? anyways i looked at Man United and saw 2 Dutch youth players and a player from France. These werent signed from another youth team they started their careers at United how is it possible to achieve this if i wanted players from another country to come through my youth team without signing them? .. Affiliated clubs? Nationality of scouts and where they scout or have scouted? if information about this is in another thread i apologise and could someone point me in the right direction.
  4. I always want to sign James Rodriguez.. i played him on the right wing as an Inside Foward... they guy is an assist machine! chips in with a few goals too!
  5. I dont mean it as in because theres a tournament happening you never have time to play FM i mean it like this ... I started a save with Amkar Perm in Russia.. it took alot of doing but i made them the dominant force with bargain Russian regens and a few foreign players... I was then offered the Liverpool job so decided to take it on and im really enjoying it. Liverpool sat 13th in the league, Dalglish was sacked, then Pardew was too then they turned to me, the team is now unrecognisable apart from Lucas and Pepe Reina.. I havent enjoyed a save game like this in a long time.. Along comes the opening game of Euro 2012 Poland v Greece. The commentator mentions that theres a trio of players who play for Dortmund.. Robert Lewandowski, Jakub Błaszczykowski and Łukasz Piszczek .. now i have a small urge to start a new save.. i then think about Dortmund more.. Kagawa, Gotze, Hummels and Subotic.. now all i wana do is start up FM and take over at Dortmund all thanks to sitting down to watch a game of football. This seems to happen to me alot when i watch football i want to check out this player or that player and have them in my team which would probably mean starting a new save. Is anyone else like this or similar to this in a way?
  6. i never meant bring racism cases into the game to see players banned for that reason i was just giving an example of a player being banned for an off field issue. I just know in real life theres more a manager has to deal with in his line of work than just signing players, training and tactics etc..
  7. I started the game with Amkar Perm and ive been at Liverpool 2 seasons now.... England are Ranked 20th in the ratings with Pearce still at the helm. wish i could get rid of him without cheating hes terrible. the last time i played the game England were beaten at Wembley by Saudi Arabia 2-0... Colombia won the 2014 world cup.. and theyre ranked 1st. Falcao and Rodriguez are amazing.
  8. I had no idea. think the furthest ive been was on fm 11 to 2019. i get bored pretty easily or get put on stupid shifts at work
  9. I remember years ago as a youngen playing a football managing game but i cannot remember which one im pretty sure it was a EA game, and now and again it would come up saying so n so(my only memory is Dean Windass for some reason) has had trouble at home or moving house or something along those lines... but i dont really mean that i just mean will things be brought into the game.. Like off field events, in real life we have such things going on like Rio Ferdinand not being in the Euro's, Terry involved in a racist abuse case same with Suarez who got an 8 match ban, and Russian fans involved in fightin stewards etc which will most likely bring to the Russian FA a fine... Could we see players suspended during the season for an off field event? Our own club being fined for failing to control our own crowds or players in an on field bust up? (more chance of this happening in places like Poland, Ukraine etc due to gangs.. im not saying anything like ''Star striker Julian Montgomery(random made up name) caught his wife cheating with the kit man, his stats seemed to have dropped due to ongoing depression problems and alcohol abuse, the board advise you to send him to a rehabiliation clinic at the cost of £1,000 a week'' Or is there things like this already in the game which i havent even seen?
  10. Im probably the only one but im sick of the amount of BALD regens .... owayyy how many 14-17 year olds do we see that are bald?
  11. Im In 2013/2014 and when I awent on the player search and filtered it to 6 months until a players contract expires I'm unable to approach to sign, I'm only able to make an offer where as I can approach to sign players from abroad. Is this a new rule or something I've missed? Thoufht i had the chance to sign Petr Cech and Steven Caulker but was unable to offer a contract. Thanks.
  12. JayIgnition

    An older than usual regen

    yeah sorry i used tinypic to upload it and rezised it to message board or forum or whatever and ive obviously not done it properly lol yeah i did! i sold Rooney to psg and wanted to see the progress of PSG that season as i also sold Cleverley to them too. so is that the case then when adding a league is creates new players ?
  13. On my news i seen AC Milan have signed this player, i never thought anything of it until i clicked onto him and noticed his age and thought with him being that old he must have already been in the game when i started but nope... take a look for yourselves is this common or has anyone else noticed this? born in 87 but career started in 2014
  14. JayIgnition

    Is there a transfer bug in the game?

    ahhh its just in my past experience it really hasnt taken that long, a few days max... ill see what happens with this, its not a huge blow if he stays and it gets cancelled on its own but with that money towards my not so good transfer kitty i could bring in someone a bit better i think
  15. I remember not long ago trying to sign a player and the club came back with what they wanted for him and it was a very reasonable deal so i went for it. 3 weeks later in game time they still hadnt accepted the offer that they wanted so i had to bid again and that time it worked. but lastnight on my Man United save i have David Alaba who i got from Bayern for £13.5million, ive had him for 1 season and he hasnt performed aswell as id like him to... i really think ive played him in the wrong position but its the only position(playmaker) right in the center of mid that my tactics allow him to be as i play a ball winning midfielder, playmaker, and 2 inside forwards... anyways im blabbering on haha... Barcelona and Real Madrid both came in with offers for him at £24million and £20million so accepted Barcelonas.. and again 3 weeks later pushing towards the end of the transfer window(im in August 2015) nothing has developed. it says in the transfer center (contract) and he hasnt accepted it... ive rejected Real's bid so he only has 1 contract to negotiate and nothing is happening so i cancelled it and then offered him to clubs for £24million and Barca bid again the same amount.. its been nearly 2 weeks not and theres only a few days left in the window and again nothing has happened when theyve offered him a contract whats going on? has anyone else had this problem?