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  1. how do I change my game back to 12.04 instead of 12.1? I went to preferences>display>version which says 1.0 but It does not allow me to change.
  2. last patch destroyed the game for me. When I adjust the budget for more wage, I cannot go back to have more transfer funds for a long time. First I was like OK I guess I ll have go with that but later I could not transfer any players or staff members when I maximized my wages. I also had some problems with arraging friendly matches. and I have these problems as well: So I wanted to go back to the previous patch which was 12.0.4, I believe, but unlike FM 11 when you click start new game, FM12 does not offer you which version of the game you wanna play. I couldn't find a way to choose the previous version of the game or delete the 12.1 version. I uninstalled the game and then re-installed it but I keeps updating the game with 12.1 patch. does anybody know how to get rid of that 12.1?