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  1. Ok will do, thanks for the suggestion!!
  2. hmmm, its crazy! all PL league games are sat 3pm or wed 7.45, with 3, 4 or even 5 on 'tv' at the same time, champs league are all played same time wed nights (all 8 groups, all 2nd rounds, QFs etc.) europa league all wed nights, fa cup games all at same time 3pm on saturdays, no idea where its come from! patch 12.0.4 did something! was fine up til that point. mind you i didnt download any other patches before then, but later patches cover all changes from previous right? so wouldnt expect it to be that
  3. Hi, since the 12.0.4 patch all matches in 1 round (PL, Champs League etc.) are played at the same time regardless of TV coverage. This wasnt fixed with the 12.1 patch. 'Move matches for TV' has been both checked and unchecked to try to fix but to no avail. How do I fix? Very frustrating that all games are played at 3pm on a Saturday. Thanks, Si
  4. Hi all Couple of things I have noticed, not sure if anyone has the same: 1. all rounds of games (pl, champs league) are played at the same time, same day (no tv changes), 2. cant confirm selecting my back up tactic during a game Does anyone else have the same? Have used all patches etc. Thanks Si