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  1. Schmeichels FM 2007 Update

    Excellent, thanks. Only problem is i was going to have a go with Chelsea playing Hazard, Mata and Oscar but they aren't old enough yet Oscar being 14 and Hazard being 15. No worries though, haven't played it for quite a while and will get a game going later.
  2. I wonder whether that goal would be given if goal-line technology was involved because im pretty sure that was offside as well.
  3. Group D: France vs England, KO: 5pm Monday

    I thought so too.
  4. Who is the worst English midfielder

    Went with Carrick, tough choice as only Parker has impressed for me in our friendlies.
  5. Chelsea 2011/12 Thread

    Really hate it when Drogba does that.
  6. your opiniions on all FM's

    Play FM 07, there's a great update here too... http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/211726-Schmeichels-FM-2007-Update
  7. Dec.... a little competition never hurt anyone Also imo the more FMH sites the better.
  8. [PSP] FMH2011 updates

    Excellent will head over now.
  9. Lowestoft in the prem, fantastic stuff. Mon the Blues.
  10. It's only the Champions League on sky where you can pick which match you want to watch. I don't think there's ever been a day where you could watch any Premier League game.
  11. holidaying till 2999

    Does FM allow non league teams to grow or will the same few teams keep bobbing up and down in the Conference North/South. The leagues will surely be interesting after that amount of time, i don't remember anyone simming that far ahead is it even possible?
  12. Sort it out SI!

  13. In PSP > COMMON > FMH2010 > changes.txt i think.
  14. Unable to start demo via steam

    Mine says cannot run game: unable to set up graphics system. On fm10 i could play it just not use the 3D match viewer but now it seems i can't play it at all. I don't know if it's because of steam (this is the first time i have used it). I installed Microsoft Direct X SDK but it still doesn't work.
  15. If that is the case then where is FMH (PSP) headed, if all they can do is try squeeze in a bit more each time there will never be many improvements.