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  1. Excellent, thanks. Only problem is i was going to have a go with Chelsea playing Hazard, Mata and Oscar but they aren't old enough yet Oscar being 14 and Hazard being 15. No worries though, haven't played it for quite a while and will get a game going later.
  2. I wonder whether that goal would be given if goal-line technology was involved because im pretty sure that was offside as well.
  3. Went with Carrick, tough choice as only Parker has impressed for me in our friendlies.
  4. Nice one mate, now going to download will let you know if i find any errors.
  5. Thanks so much for this, IMO FM 07 is the best Football Manager so will start a game soon Any idea when an updated version will be available?
  6. Is it only me who thinks this is a bit over the top, do you ever go out?
  7. When you realize that the DVD you were watching finished 3 hours ago, you haven't got a clue about anything that happened and it's nearly 6am.
  8. Was just playing FM and spent time setting up my tactics and forgot to set PK taker, how about if you continue before a match and these aren't set a warning message comes up and sends you to the right screen. Obviously not a huge thing but still, what do you think?
  9. Influence mainly, then determination, club favourites etc..
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