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  1. awesome in the SPL for me, had him in a ross county save, won first division with him scoring 46 goals in league, second season in the SPL he scored 28 in first 14 games.
  2. tempted, ive hit a brick wall in my rangers save (7th season, and getting bored).
  3. you want brobs 433 tactic, im sure its in the downloads here. works beast using old style tactics so no messing about with shouts etc..
  4. First Five Players

    i sign these players no matter what type of team i am: Sommer - GK - 2M Bandalovski - RB - 75k Kara - CB/DCM - 900k Bakenga - ST - 55k if im a struggling/small team il sign: Delvecchio - CM - 170k
  5. Foof: well done on your quadruple winning season. - il get a list of my staff for you later when im home. Season 2012/13 update well ive not had much chance to play this over the last week or so. Domestic im in feburary won all my SPL games bar 2, dropped points to aberdeen & celtic both 2-2 draws. i have 2 games in hand and im 9 points clear. celtic have been pushing me all the way, top goal scorer for them is Baba signed from portugal maritmo he has hit 17 goals in his last 5 games (tad unrealistic but hey this is the world of Football Manager) Mashaga Bakenga is my top marksman. he has 32 goals in 30 games with the likes of Jelavic, Naismith, Russell and Sanogo on 15 goals plus. Murphy and fierro are around 12 goals. Still in all the cup competitions: final in league cup against Partick Thistle, time for revenge for last season when they knocked me out of the Scottish Cup!! Champions League i was put in a group containing Juventus, Malaga and Shalke04 - tough group. we finished second behind Juventus by 2 points. our away match against Malaga was the most traumatic game ive ever experienced! we were 4-1 down by half time. i rang the riot act and gave the team the classic alex ferguson hair drier treatment. off we went into the second half and pulled it back to 4-4. on the 83rd min Malaga got a penalty to make it 5-4. then in the 94th minute Jelavic dramatically scored from the edge of the area to finish 5-5. in the knockout round ive been paired against Tottenham. first leg is at Ibrox which we Drew 1-1. thats as far as i got so far. Club World Championships we won against Santos, 3-1 European Super Cup won against Bayern Munich on Penalties after a 2-2 draw. Ibrox has been upgraded to 75k seats due to hosting champions league final 2016 and also winning it in my first season the board agreed to another expansion. all other facilities have been upgraded to Excellent apart from Corporate which is Average. not sure how to upgrade this. il update again once ive finished this season.
  6. im 28 and i can still lose 12 hours playing this! or sometimes after work 4 or 5. tell you one thing though the GF doesnt like it when she sees the laptop going on. great way to block out the rubbish in life.
  7. ive seen this happen a few times also, even when ive had 2 or 3 scouts with 20/20 attributes for judging players but its possible i havent had my assistant manager check him. shall keep that in mind i guess. though i dont tend to have an assistant manager with as high attributes for judging players as compared to my scouts. my assistant manager usually has high tactical knowledge/coaching/discipline/motivation.
  8. in my second season with Rangers, signed him for 75k and now getting bids of 5M from the likes of stoke/everton.
  9. cheers for the S/S Welshace, ive used him as a tutor both times ive signed him and got good results. im sure he improved in most attributes in my rangers save, il check later and get a S/S.
  10. Accelaration and Pace

    cool, i thought you ment that but just wanted to check, i think while it isnt 100% full proof, it defo adds weight behind the theory of signing players with high stats of acceleration and pace, especially at low league level. i.e jamil adam. very poor player yet he is capable of scoring 50 plus goals a season. (considered a quick player at lower level, but il add he does score in the SPL lol not exactly EPL but hey)
  11. need a new challenge

    i did 3/4's of a season and was doing well sitting top by 8 points or so. released nearly all loan players, if i remember right, the goal keeper on loan is earning abotu 18k a week so i released him for a start, sold a few other players also. promoted a few young players to main squad, cant mind which ones. i signed bandalovski 70k, soukouna free, jamil adam free and gennaro delvecchio 120k. adam and soukouna were scoring for fun and delvecchio is a machine as a ball winning midfielder. i i also signed saviet on loan. i did a fair bit of wheeling and dealing but if that isnt your style then the team is capable of winning league as it is.
  12. need a new challenge

    theres not alot of money at monaco and you cant fill the stadium. theres some decent young players so your best keeping them and developing them. the chairman expects you to win the league to gain promotion, no other option. with abit of wheeling and dealing you can attract good players / freebies, cut the wage etc by release high earning loan players. though they were recently bought over by a billionaire so maybe the new patch will reflect this and throw money at you. i seen a challenge today, it was to guide any international team who havent ever played in a world cup before, i.e Finland, San Marino, Mali an so on... sounds like fun but at the same time could get boring with not many games.
  13. Accelaration and Pace

    Penza, when you say you used FMRT to edit speed and pace do you mean you edited the clubs attributes or the players within the club and then whoever you were playing against? (note i havent used Editor since CM days)
  14. not sure if the game works this way but ive seen people mention that the higher the wage you earn the more difficult i could be to sack you. Would make sense, its like chelsea perhaps wanting to sack AVB but are put off by the millions, read 12 million somewhere, it will cost to do so at the moment. also in the finances i think theres a staff wages row in the expenditures.
  15. im at work the now bud. but fair enough. il see what i can do later.