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  1. Continuing to test, but working now. I got rid of all the specifics in the advance editor, and changed it to take qualified teams. Everything checked out, and after a couple of seasons in the simulator the correct teams are qualifying for Champions League! Thank you Fredrik!
  2. Crashed three seasons into sim. Never had a chance to review champions league qualifying teams. trying another approach
  3. I was trying to do it without delving into advanced rules if possible. I went ahead and turned on advanced rules and went ahead and made some changes to that stage selection and registered teams for the 2016 season. I add selection rules there for all 32 teams one at a time. Champion, runner up, third place, cup champion (use runner up and third place as backup) in editor check says I have too many teams in the league, but I can't see an error in there. Running in game sim now to see if it works or if I've made things blow up (which typically happens when I try advanced rules).
  4. It's every season that is the issue. I've simmed it out 20+ years and it never takes the correct teams. I have not add any "Registered Teams" though. Do I need to register entire divisions? Or just pick the top 4 in divisions for the first year? (I tried to simplify the qualification process by removing all the Main Cups but that didn't work either) Thank you !
  5. I created new leagues and setups for most of CONCACAF, then tried to make a new Champions League. Every league is working correctly except the champions league is not qualifying the correct teams. It seems to be randomly choosing teams from the top divisions instead of taking the previous seasons top placers. I have tried everything I could think of, now I look to you for help. Any ideas?
  6. http://www.bestbuy.com/site/dell-inspiron-desktop-intel-core-i7-16gb-memory-2tb-hard-drive-black-with-red-trim/4639010.p?skuId=4639010&productCategoryId= Is is this one any good??? Not to familiar with what all the specs mean. I just want to be able to run the game at decent speed, with a good sized database, and all the major countries down to their lowest tiers... graphics don't matter so much to me as I typically use the 2d view anyway...
  7. True but it has been nice change of scenery to stop trying to decode all the numbers in the game. DVD's are antiquated now too though, best catch the highlights on a Blu-ray Disc at this point 😀
  8. Generally I'm a lurker here on this forum. I've tried for a long time to glean knowledge off of others here, and then gone and tries some other help sites, and even the ethos of LLM style of gameplay. I've always loved this game, I've just never found myself to be much good at it. I fell for the trap of FM. It is so deep, has so much information, that it took me years to realize that I needed to stop trying to analyze these endless piles of data, walls of numbers for ever player, detailed game stat reports, and countless other walls of information on every screen. Somehow it hit me that I needed to play the game in a more authentic way. Watching game tape like a manager and trusting my intuition to build a game plan. I don't know why it literally took me years to think to bring up and watch game tape of the oppositions previous games to look for their playing style, strengths, and weaknesses, but it did! So just a thought for all of those threads of rage quit posters, and struggling number crunchers out there, don't fee like you have to decide football manager all the time. If your like me you play football manager because you love the sport, and likely understand the sport! Watch tape, make a game plan, and fall in love with FM all over again!
  9. Add a manager to team of his nationality and sign him that way so he doesn't retire, then subscribe to him and follow his career.
  10. I'd be delighted if they added the USL to the American Leagues. I'd be taking over Louisville City in a heartbeat! I've always had a hard time getting into MLS saves because it seemed unrealistic to just jump in as a manager there. It would be great to cut teeth in the second division to earn an MLS gig.
  11. I would say it happens quite often that going down a man rallies players together to fight harder on the field. In game I would imagine determination and stamina is an important factor in performance after a red card.
  12. Research wise, the problem you have here is a research bias. You may be better off doing real world research on players that are two footed and how that impacts other areas, especially physical areas like pace, stamina, and strength to see if being two footed has any influence on other physical attributes.
  13. It will run faster with fewer leagues. Removing leagues, especially in an edited database though could cause problems (though not necessarily). You could try lowering the detail levels to see if that helps. Otherwise save, remove the leagues, and sim ahead a year to see if it crashes or not. Then go back to your save and play happily if all ran well.
  14. Your expecting something of quality to "Made in China" Good luck there...
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