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  1. I've uploaded the files. I put them in fm/game-save as "Long Career" (the one with the big loading time) and "F.C.J. Galati" (the one that has no problem).
  2. I just wanted to add something regarding this issue. It doesn't seem to happen on every game started. I started a new career and for some reason the lag is no longer present on this save. When I load the save that had this issue it still lags a lot, but when I load the other career it seems not to be present. I don't know what is the difference, but I can tell you that the save that lags is a career started as unemployed, while the save that doesn't lag is a career started directly as manager of a club. I don't know if this is relevant, but this is the only difference I find between
  3. Hello! I have been experiencing a big amount of lag while opening certain screens in the game. Opening the squads view or one of my players' profile, opening team training are the worst so far. When opening other squad views or other players' profiles it seems to load instantly, it's just on the club I manage. This is very annoying, since those pages get loaded very often and I have to wait a good amount of time each time they load. I mention that once I open a player's view, the loading time for that player is no longer there, until the next continue (when it starts again).
  4. Well, the second teams are the default second teams found in Romania and all of them are set as "II Team" type (sort of a B team, it doesn't seem to be any difference other than the name). The ones that do not have a II Team are set up so they can have their own Reserve Team Championship. Promotion and Relegation works normally, but it simply ignores the rule for the Second Division than no B teams are allowed and they still get promoted into second. The relegation you were talking of is normal. That's what happens in real life too if the first team gets relegated into the second team's divi
  5. Hi! I am curious about a few things regarding the editor: 1) I have made a new league system for the Romanian League using the editor and checked the "B/Reserve Teams cannot be promoted" in the First and the Second League in the structure. However, these types of teams still get promoted to the Second League... I don't know why. To mention the fact that B Teams in Romania are marked "II Team" type. How can I resolve this? 2) I don't know exactly how "Winner Home Reputation" and "Winner World Reputation" in the Award Details work exactly. Is it a fixed value that gets added directly to that
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