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  1. Some Great Additions Managers & Staff 1. Managers and there Backroom Staff should move like in real life and should be part of the interview process for us a player as it would make it so much easier when we have a new job to say you would like to axe current staff if they havent already left and would save time because the chairman could deal with it. 2.more interaction and advise from coaches on signings and where our teams weakness's are, maybe even feedback on how we are setting our team up. 3.manager relationships to develop ie for examble some managers help upcoming managers who they like by advising them to loan or buy one of there players who may need developing or may not be good for them but good for you. 4.director of football is still a very weak addition they are your boss in reality and instead of talking to your chairman you would propelry talk to them on many matters like signings, improvements, they would be the one in most cases who sack you, unless you develop a relationship overtime ie coppell and barker. 5.manager behaviour during a game would be a nice addition. InGame Interaction 1. more feedback from fans in newsfeed in responce to results, signings, current form, opnions on board and players. 2.pundits talking about you and you haveing a chance to agree or disagree this affecting morale of players and your game stats.
  2. finished 6th three times in a row though villa havent had another manager thats done that since, i do think he should have won that cup however.
  3. Been playing football manager for over 2 seasons and according to fm o'neill cant even win games in the championship and has 2 relegations, no wonder why when i read his stats is this really fair that the man has less than 11 in coaching attacking, defending, tactical, technical knowledge, im not being a kiss ass here but i love football and this is supposed to be a management simulater what the fans think these ratings should be who have seen his teams. after all he has a strong career winrate of 50% and has left all of his clubs in better positions than he found them, although debateable at sunderland but i notice di canio still has better stats! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martin_O'Neill please fans chip in
  4. Backroom staff to form part of interview process and recruitment progress when the gamer and the computer managers change, this kind of realsim is massively lacking.
  5. thats my point, yet it still has no part in the game even managers who have staff listed as backroom team they still dont appoint them. when they get new job or leave.
  6. Surely FM2014 should have this as a major part of the job interviews, that a manager wants his own backroom staff and all staff can then be released on our appointment or even better tell the board who you want and let them do it? the same should be said for ai managers surely ie harry redknapp went to leeds on my game and took no staff with him yet had a asstitant manager with local reputation this just isnt realstic. I now its a game but its a big part of the game! could be better
  7. More realsitic staff appointments by ai managers this is fm2014 and this still doesnt happen, certain managers will only move to a club if they have there own coaching staff yet this still doesnt happen surely it should play a big part in the interviews in the game and ai appiontments.
  8. perhaps it could only come into force when youve had a real bad season, like you said if it happened every time you were doing well or if you are a top manager ie someone who is very succesful it would be farcisal and unrealstic i mean could understand the situation at newcastle in bringing in kinnear after pardews bad previous season. After all he hasnt really acheieved but in his career. But when Keegan was incharge who i would class as a top manager ive never knowed a manager with that status undermined before in football.
  9. i 100% agree the media should be added, why not mod pundits liking our football or hammering the nail in the coffin, the praise could raise morale, however negative comments would lead to a massive morale drop. HOwever the manager if this happens should be given the chance to respond. Former players, club icons, players and coaches you have worked with could talk to the press to either backing you with praise buy you sometime or get you the sack. IE Moyes is tactitally naive and i never unstood what he wanted from me and unless united sack him they wont finish in the top 4 says former striker wayne rooney.
  10. Cracking idea, the other issue of course is like what happened with david pleat when he took hoddles job, and perhaps this could be happening again with the kinnear and pardew. However dan ashworth was the opposite at wba he was just there to help so perhaps the two could be intregated, as some just use the position to get back in the dugout either at that club or other clubs.
  11. Some Nice Additions :- 1. Now we have job interviews, issues like must have my own staff would be determental on behalf of your ingame character and the games AI managers for managers that always have there own team ie redknapp, hughes, moyes. 2.director of footballs should be your boss and not at everyclub but occasionally this should happen that they come in, and surely when disscusions come up with the board they are present as well. Some may be out to get your job or be looking to return to management sometimes at other clubs and sometimes at your expense ie david pleat and glenn hoddle. 3.Pundits talking about our performance would be nice as well as former players and club legends, ie after a few bad results they could say give time or fire, we should also be given a chance to respond. Players we have managed may come to our defence of stab us in the back. 4.more from fans should be implented to on all matters i remeber when mick mccarthy called fans at wolves mindless idiiots it caused a outrage in the local press.
  12. Hi, Well done all the team at SI this game sounds like the best ever. But has the director of football been at all expanded because on the last game it was nothing more than a man on a list who you had no interaction with and didnt know whether he was your collegue or your boss.
  13. perhaps this could be a option in future games you could end up after your manageing career being incharge of a club as a proper director of football, employing the manager and coming up with a budget working with the chairman.
  14. 1. Job Interviews should be used when taking on a new job, talking conditions ie own staff, budget, finances, faciltys 2.media and press conferences need massive improvements, being able to go on mod or appearing as a pundit would be a nice idea, it would either win you fans with the sence you talked or make you a laugh in stock, some matches in football are decided before a ball is kicked like ferguson did to keegan. 3.a clear relationship with the director of football realistically they are your boss are they out to take over your job or make a name for themselves none of this os clear, some will leave to take manager jobs, some will be nice to work with and others will be like the pleat/hoddle relationship at spurs. 4.manager behaviour on touchline would be a good overdue addition to and should have consequences ie if you dont rant and rave the fans will go against you when things are bad, ranting abuse at refarees would result in touchline bans and club fines! 5.former players and staff talking to the press on your performance, 6.player behouviour and staff involvement could be better no one seems to fault out or question you or back you when things are going bad or well.
  15. why oh why do people keep being deleted from the database people do make comebacks they did it with coppell and keegan and both came back its called the unpredictable life in which we live in! something that this game currently massively lacks so predictable after a season in every department, and im not being bitter because ive only lost 9 games out of 56 got a club promoted and am doing well. WHERES THE INTERACTION AND MEDIA? JUST MATCH AFTER MATCH WITH NOTHING FROM FANS, OWNERS, PUNDITS BORING!
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