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  1. Just one year in with Boca Juniors and a 23 year old Nahitan Nandez, that's currently making US$623K is all of the sudden wanting a new contract and his asking salary is 3.5M a year!! how can he want 5X his current salary?? He's not the only one.... most of my Keay players are all asking 3x+ there salary....
  2. My first season ended and something's happened with the schedule, where there was a list with the past games and the upcoming fixtures, I can only see the next team I'm playing and there doesn't seem to be an option to display the list view.... This is my current view when I click schedule: Eben when I click on the 'Season 2019' button on the top, it actually just displays my next rival roster.... Any idea how to fix this?? Thanks!
  3. Longevity with processors is very relative, I've been a PC user since 1990 and gaming on it ever since, I've seen it all, CPU's fail, however, they have come along way. Thermo throttling has greatly increased the longevity of CPU's in general. As far as my playing style, I run every division of around 15 leagues and play 10 seasons+ (on my 6th season with one of my saves on the laptop).... I even increase the DB size through advance setting as I want every detail/person from a couple of countries. My DB size is ~85k on both my save files (on my desktop running an i7-6850k a my laptop with the new U processor) sure, my desktop is faster but I've put ~200 hours on my laptop (I travel a lot) and have noticed nothing that worries me at all.... sure there's a bit of throttling on the U series since the CPU tries to stay within 15W but there's never been a temp issue or a slowdown compared to older U series which were unusable. I can't say how FM22 will run, but can you be sure that an 8th gen i7 desktop grade will work by then? no, no one can't. I get it you're worried and you can't recommend it, I respect that. I, however, can fully recommend the U series at least running on the Surface Book 2, it's been rock solid. I can provide additional details for anyone wanting more details if anyone is interested and I can actually do a comparison with my desktop of my Razer Blade with he 7700HQ (which I'm selling soon as the SB2 just trounces in every which way, at least for my use) NotebookCheck did a very thorough comparison between the HQ and the new U-series... I too was surprised. https://www.notebookcheck.com/7700HQ-vs-8650U-vs-8550U-vs-8550U_8400_8400_9212_9208.247552.0.html
  4. I respectfully disagree.. The 8th gen 'U' processors are a beast! ... I have a Surface Book 2 with an i7-8650U and the game runs amazing, running it with 15+ leagues and while it's not on par with my desktop (6850k) it performs perfectly fine. I agree the 7th gen U processors weren't up to par being dual core, but these quad-core with peaks of 4200mhz are simply amazing. It outperforms my 7700HQ on my Blade.
  5. I appreciate your financial advisor concerns... I'm looking to see if the CPU and the screen (more importantly the aspect ratio) will play nice with FM2018. I'm looking at the 15" inch 1TB model, the fully loaded version, I do photo editing and travel quite a bit, I can't justify a gaming laptop because I need battery more than I need a 1080 per se, but the Surface Book 2 is perfect for me for many reasons. From what I been reading the i7-8650U is superior to any other HQ in the market from a pure processing/battery life standpoint.....
  6. I'm considering a Surface Book 2 when it launches this week. Has anyone played Football manager with the Surface Book? What's the experience like with that screen aspect ratio and resolution?
  7. HUNT3R, anyway you can move this thread to the right sub?
  8. It's ME, there's no decisions that would ever affect this unless we both go 1-1-9 which we didn't, it was a discipline and normal game, just like every other, this isn't a one off... The problem is simple, the game on the first season starts off "realistic" by having your squad with a variable morale levels and flat out bad fitness, as you start winning you build morale and by playing you build fitness/shape, once it's optimum then you start seeing these crazy things, where you go on 20-0 win streak or you beat everyone by a large margin... The first step would be to humble up and agree that this is clearly broken, at least in my couple of saves and then attempt to fix it, saying it's manager decisions is like having an alcohol problem and saying "it's all good!"... Honestly, all my games end up with 30+ shots, 20+ and 10+ CCC... I get sarcasm doesn't help, so I apologize for the sarcasm in my OP.
  9. Seriously?? this is clearly broken.... final score 10-6!! with 50 shots between both!!
  10. Agreed, this is why we need an over cap for these situations... reserved for the 1%, namely Messi lets say with 22-23 dribbling, finishing, technique.. same with Ronaldo for jumping, heading, determination... Bale needs 21-23 acceleration... players with some overcap would perform a % better based on these... from 20-30% better... just a thought that would make this game even more realistic.
  11. I only have 19/93 with Armchair Expert being my latest
  12. The one big advantage is good fix of the license and names that can only be done through a combination of DB edits and file edits....
  13. I would agree with you if FM used the max accordingly... right now too many players have 19-20 Dribbling for example and if Messi has 20, then the next in the world should be at 18.... and then we should see 3-4 at 18 that's it... The point in hidden attributes (or whatever it is that would make some players perform better than they do) is to simulate real world.... There currently is no way to have Messi for example do the things Messi does... that said, he still wins the Ballon no matter what his stats are, so it's coded somewhere that he should win it, but in my 4-5 saves he's never been the top scorer or assister or even highest average... Barcelona have fail to qualify for the CL playoff yet he still wins.... So there's some coding there, add the coding so that he performs the part... that's all am saying.
  14. Exactly what do you mean by full detail? Playable and all lower divisions? And slow is relative... Edit: Never mind found it... I was not running it in Full detail, lets see what that does.
  15. Managing Argentina, all leagues in full detail (running every single league all in full detail)... There's should be a hidden stat to project their stats to average their lifetime stats... That and there should be reserved over attributes for certain players... Messi for example should be above 20 dribbling or Ronaldo above 20 jumping for example.... I don't mean every player should have this but the super mega stars are better than the best in certain areas...
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