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  1. Just wanted to report back in after my earlier post. Still applying the guide and have now won the premier league despite having atleast 8 injuries to key players throughout the season and not the 4 star squad I'd have wanted. After this season I can see where you've been coming from wwfan, this game is alot more about overall strategy and strategic choices than it is about tinkering with tactics and for what it's worth I'm really glad the games heading in that direction. You don't have to be the new Bielsa or Guardiola, you just have to have good long think going into EVERY match about what a real life manager's strategic choices would be give the league standings, form, injuries, conditions etc. You've brought this game to life for me, it isn't perfect but I'm seeing it in a new light. Keep posting mate.
  2. Just my two cents here, I think the reason you may be doing badly is constant tinkering during the match. This is compounded by the fact that you're using full match and classic sliders. Maybe this has only been happening to me, but I find that when I make more broad general changes and then allow the players to sort of gel into those changes during the match instead of changing something every couple of minutes, the final result is better. As I say, just my two cents, i'm by no means the expert here
  3. Hey Milner, I think there is definitely margin for error when using shouts, personally I play the game on comprehensive highlights using the tactics creator and shouts. I have however come to notice trends in the statistics which I keep a close eye on. This isn't fool proof but it gives me a pretty good idea of what is happening on the pitch in terms of chances, possession, tackling, crossing, passing etc. This then allows to use an appropriate pre-made shout combo to deal with situation which regularly arise due to my team and tactic. Hope that helps a bit, but the just is that I think it's possible to use the TC, shouts and highlights, it is however almost always better to watch matches when you have the time.
  4. A difference of opinion doesn't break my bubble mate, I'll wait to see how my second season goes with some new signings which I think will lend the team more consistency. If I fare better this season then mission accomplished IMO.
  5. Same story here, used wwfan's well thought out 12 step guide and i'm currently battling for 3rd with Arsenal. Starting to feel like I can relate to Arsene Wenger's struggles in real life this season. Something in the character make up of the team that just doesn't give us enough fight and consistency when we need it. I've never before had this feeling playing the game before though and I feel it's something new and remarkable. Now when you pick a team you pick up a squad with flaws, imperfections and challenges, you're no longer thrown into a virtual reality world where the world is your oyster. Previously I'd pick a team and immediately decide my ambition was to win everything, now I'll settle for champions league qualification and the time to insert some grit and a winning mentality into the team. To me, this is football. It isn't a bloody fantasy world anymore and to those demanding more realism, I have to ask what realism means to you. If it means some nobody can take a team with talent and ruin the pecking order immediately then I hope for your sake that you have the tactical know how and your fair share of luck to pull it off. For me, a 3rd place and champions league qualification with an Arsenal side struggling to find it's identity seems like something to be proud of for a tactical rookie.
  6. Absolutely and I think that is the challenge in this engine, effectively attacking while ensuring that you're not shot down on the counter but that keeps the player on his toes and I can no longer skim through games once I have my tactic sorted like I used to in FM12. All in all, I've come to see the steps taken forward here.
  7. Those stats are amazing because Liverpool really struggled in my game, maybe if I'd applied the logic laid out here earlier I would have been winning the league too.
  8. Yeah. I play him on support. I still struggle sometimes with through balls catching my defense off guard and the fact that my team struggles to get the ball off of the opposition. I knew this would be a problem though because like you suggested I checked out my team comparison states and we're rated 17th at tackling in the midfield. I'm going to try and bring in a Fellaini or Yann M'vila type player to bolster our ability to win possession back and that might knock on and stop the opposition being in a position where they can launch those defense splitting balls. It is easy to see how this engine might frustrated people. If you've set up your tactic in such a way that you maintain possession but don't make any quality chances you're bound to get hit on the counter and the only way the engine can communicate this is by giving your opposition two or three goals off two or three chances. This looks unfair in the stats but to be honest you always seem to be asking for it when you watch the engine in play. What I'd like to see, and wwfan you may disagree here, is more mistakes from lesser teams and players. I think that when an inferior team picks a counter attacking strategy they have a slightly better chance of having one of those games where they can't put a foot wrong. It never appears completely unrealistic, but I think it may alleviate some of the vicious and punishing counter attacking we're seeing in the engine right now.
  9. *Just had to add that the most enjoyable part is seeing logical tactics in action. I play a lone striker and I know you've advised wariness when using this tactic, but my DLF in Giroud sets up my inside forwards so well that i'm enoying the formations play. Also having one of my midfielders on attack has done wonders. The space created by Wilshere bombing forward from midfield has allowed Mikel arteta the space and freedom to get off some excellent passes and long shots - this I may add is something being constantly whined about in the feedback thread (Lack of long shot potency)
  10. Here's my honest feedback. Had the crappiest season playing Arsenal so far, Only won about sixty percent of my games but the squad looked good when it played well, we just lacked consistency. Started applying your insights towards the end of the season last night with about ten games to go. End of the season we've pulled ourselves from a hopeless 7th to a 4th fighting for 3rd, and we've just raised the Champions League trophy after a win against Bayern at Wembley. Couldn't be happier really as I've taken your simple advice and made it my own. Sticky this thread! *Just had to add that the most enjoyable part is seeing logical tactics in action. I play a lone striker and I know you've advised wariness when using this tactic, but my DLF in Giroud sets up my inside forwards so well that i'm enoying the formations play. Also having one of my midfielders on attack has done wonders. The space created by Wilshere bombing forward from midfield has allowed Mikel arteta the space and freedom to get off some excellent passes and long shots - this I may add is something being constantly whined about in the feedback thread (Lack of long shot potency)
  11. I think FM players can be categorised into those with tactical know-how, those with a basic understanding and those with very little tactical knowledge at all. The thing that is common between all these players is a love of the FM series, we all want to play the game and do well. From what I'm seeing with the latest release is a loss of the players ability to amend the games difficulty by choosing a stronger or weaker team to manage. The ME doesn't seem to convert tactical domination in the match engine (whether entirely down to the human tactics or the team superiority) into goals. Rather it favours the counter attack and defensive sloppiness when defending set pieces, crosses, etc. (elements of the counter attacking game). This of course leads to weaker teams finding a disproportionate amount of success against strong teams in human control and in my opinion has removed the ease by which a player with less tactical understanding can enjoy the game - Nobody likes losing, and almost assuredly nobody likes losing in ways that don't even seem realistic. Those of us with a good grasp of the game's ME or real life football tactics (Debatable, whether the two are enitrely alike) can squeeze every little bit of ability out of a team and can thus overcome the difficult odds the match engine often seems to present. BUT, for those of us who want or need to rely a bit more on the strength of out team to pull us through, that element seems to be trickling out of the engine entirely. Whether this is a good or bad thing is up for debate and I'm aware people will have different opinions about this. For a guy who has tended to misunderstand tactics from time to time but still maintains playing an honest game (I've never downloaded tactics, reloaded matches, or used any attribute revealing apps) it's a slightly less rewarding experience as I can't even rely on my teams ability to carry me while I learn more about the game. Don't get me wrong. I don't mind losing. Losses are the best lessons. But losses which don't make much sense statistically or dare I say, tactically - these losses don't teach me anything. I'd rather learn to understand football better, than learn to understand a new match engine every iteration of FM. *grammar
  12. Agree with the OP. Can't understand the logic behind this game mechanic, which begs the question, why have it in the game? if know one has a flying duck what the hell is going to happen after you hit the button, it's like a lucky packet.
  13. This. The game should cater for those who want a less involved experience. Not everyone enjoys your approach davidbowie and it's pretty elitist to start putting everyone who doesn't play your way into the "casual idiot" and not "smart enough" boxes. If you agree that this is a game (Games are made to be enjoyed, they are not benchmarks for intellectual ability) then why start calling people who want to play the game in a different way stupid? With that being said, I admittedly hope that they have catered for players like yourself and that the ability to fine tune the system as you mention is included because that's how you make a great game -You make a game everyone can enjoy at any level of commitment.
  14. Absolutely, well said. And I think if implemented correctly there is a huge difference between "dumbing" the system down and making the system more initiative. It's counter productive to cling to older systems that are a simply perceived to be better because they're familiar and you've figured them out, in all likely hood, a few iterations of FM down the line they may start to be seen as archaic. SI has a difficult job trying to appease stratified audience base. The balance between casual and hardcore is bridged with initiative systems like this one. So great work so far SI, can't wait to get my hands on the game.
  15. Thanks Sheep and Zambong, I'm fully aware that the issue may infact be my tactics. And it must be said that if that is the case, then I hope in future it might be made a little easier to dissect as Themadsheep suggested.
  16. Thanks, I'll give it a read. Maybe I'll get some insight into the things I'm doing wrong.
  17. It would seems so, but for me atleast this trend is not related to the form or make-up of any specific team rather it seems to have been brought about by the nature of the game engine. I'm going to hang my neck out and suggest that you won't find many FM players who won't agree with the notion that it takes less chances for the AI to score than it does for a human player.
  18. Firstly, I understand the debate around the validity of "clear cut chances" and how they aren't always as clear cut as they seem. Secondly I understand that there are no football gods monitoring the the fairness of the score sheet in relation to the balance of play. With this said I'm still pretty frustrated with a phenomenon that seems to plague the saves I play and I guess I'm posting in the hopes that it's something that will be worked on in FM13. I usually play the team I support, that being Arsenal, however I've dabbled around and managed Lille and Aston Villa for a while too. I usually try to play a possession based game with emphasis on through balls and quick dribbling poachers. This style of play obviously results in alot of 1 v 1's and clear cut chances. So I go into matches watching my team cut another apart and really play good football only to screw wide every clear cut chance that comes my way. This in itself is somewhat annoying but I understand the fact that I usually don't purchase top of the range strikers as I prefer my strikers to be successful off the back of my great playmakers and teamwork. This does result in my front men being prone to a lack of finish at times. What really grates at my nipples though, if you'll excuse the vulgarity, is when I'm dominating and my opponent scores off their one and only real chance at goal. This usually occurs via a counter (Which is tactically understandable), a set piece or a ridiculous long shot from a player who shouldn't even be capable of one. I understand that this is a simulation game and in simulating this beautiful sport it must simulate the element of chance that makes football special. However a line has to be drawn somewhere as this is a game and a game should be rewarding. I just don't feel in control of my team's destiny alot of the time as the AI seems to be able to score out of nowhere even when you've put time and effort into nullifying their threat and creating chances (And on paper you've been successful). I guess my suggestion would be that the finishing ability of the human team's players should be checked out and molded in such a way that goals are granted when really they are thoroughly deserved. I know that sounds like a method that would completely defeat the notion of chance in the game but as it stands the balance seems by and large in favor of randomness and a frustrating disregard of the balance of play. P.S. I apologize if there is another thread tackling this topic, I've been away for a while and would have missed it.
  19. Barclay's premier league. Coming towards the end of a decent season, and for some reason for the most part of it I've had a few games in hand. The season was basically in the bag until I was forced to play all of my three games in hand in one week, each two days apart. To top it off, after the last of those three games I play in an FA cup final three days later. I'm not hyper clued about fixtures and rules and such in the UK, but is this realistic? I feel it ruined my season because I have now have six injured players, have dropped points (I'm doomed to 2nd place) and I'm going into a FA cup final with a rag tag team combined of exhausted and backup players. I know crap happens in football, but after such a tightly fought season in which we really battled to win, to now get bitch slapped by my few last games is just gutting. Also, liverpool are playing in both the Champions Cup and FA final, and their fixture list has been well spaced, doesn't seem fair.
  20. Never managed an international team. Never used a made-up manager name. Never played three at the back. Never sold a player for more than 15 Mil.
  21. Good answer, and you're right. That has been my feeling. Do what works best. I guess I just wanted to get an idea of what others are doing with their tactics. Thanks for the reply.
  22. I've been wondering how the majority of players are using this feature. Since the introduction of the tactics creator I used to simply create tactics using the mentality and strategy umbrella choices in the team instructions and then fine tuning both the various style settings and choosing player roles. I didn't touch the player instructions at all. I've been playing a long career save with Arsenal and the results last season have been good, fairly consistent and maybe even a little flattering. In my current season I decided to really dive into player instructions, fine tuning just about everything to suit the player and strategy I wanted. This was of course way more time consuming, because every match I had to consider my starting line-up, my opposition and my tactics and change my player instructions accordingly. The surprising thing was that I only really achieved similar results to what I had in my previous season when I was less hands-on. In fact, I probably struggled a bit more with consistency this season that I did before. But I think more importantly, I didn't actually feel more "in control" of my tactics. So I guess I'm wondering whether it's really worth my time, working so hard under the hood, when I can just slap on versatile and highly adaptable pre-built tactics and get the same, if not better, results. Anybody want to share their own views? I'd like a little consensus on this. *my current save has been played solely with the latest patch.
  23. +1 And thank the gods, Arsenal might now be able to snatch a Champ league spot.
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