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  1. Football politics. If you play total war series, say Rome 2 or Attila, there is a religious influence towards the stability of province. For instance, Christianity, paganism influences, etc... depending on your faction stance, the influence strength determine the happy of a ruled province. You may either embrace certain religion by building churchE's, or against religions like Attila did Back to football manager, and bring that total war religious faction idea to simulate club politics. take real Madrid for example, you have President Perez trying to stamp him mark, interfering manager decision; Sergio Ramos rallying his allies when he feels the manager incompetence, poor benitez was sacked probably because he didn't support the faction; Cristiano Ronaldo faction wanting to do things the way of his own. By then, if you are a ancheloti type manager, things can be calmed dowm by rubbing shoulder of all mentioned factions, otherwise a fiery mourinho style management might then do a scorch earth approach, not giving a damn to all faction.
  2. yeah I have the same problem, he is one of my hot prospect, and for no reason stuck in trialist team, there's no way to get him back! help!
  3. Hi, I would like to start a game in Spanish League, and noticed that the lower leagues have clubs with or without B Team (their version of reserves). Some B Teams are so low in reputation that they are just place holder and do not participate in any competative leagues (not in Spanish B2 Leagues, nor any known lower leagues in the game). My question: Do teams without B Teams generate their own B team affiliates when they become reputable enough, or that these teams without B teams will never have a B-side in the future? Otherwise, do existing B-sides hop into the lower possible league when their first team gets reputable enough? Thanks in advance for answering.
  4. if SI decides to put this as a feature, it is interesting to the opposition side strike with a counter attack, and lets see how Messi moan from the sidelines. Sometimes, the game is too real beyond acceptance, haha.
  5. A primitive sollution would to make a position adjacent to a natural position easier to train than what is further from it. Example: if Natural = CB, then position adjacent to it would be DL/DR or DM easier to train, position not adjacent to it ie: AMC or CM would be harder to adapt. Of course, it will be interesting if SI takes up the positional map similiar to Proevolution Soccer, where at times, positional maps of CM and DMC overlaps, and overlaps make players adapt easier.
  6. The producer: you can't cheat or take short cut in the game (but paying extra more real cash to boost your in game bank account). BAH! RIDICULOUS! After 10 years of football manager customer, this year it's kiss goodbye SI!
  7. Amazing posts by "Hand of God", he has spoken what my heart speaks. One thing I've noticed is that how sarcastic his words were, FM has become more of a market-biased game, rather than answer the needs of us die heart fans. (Can't remember the max number of seasons I played, played until an 8GB RAM laptop crashed)
  8. Never realize that applying for new team will affect team morale, perhaps a new feature for future versions
  9. If its final implementation is for buying players, there is no point for us to say bad things in media.
  10. Regen Nationalities

    do it with FMRTE
  11. conditions for work permits

    really? never expected that, I even manage to sign youth full time players
  12. that keeper is abit too helpful at times
  13. If Usain Bolt was on FM...

    A new attribute will be needed for Bolt --> showmanship...
  14. At some point someone will be from Antartica, played ice-cube-football at young age
  15. Potential Ability

    Brings me a new idea: position dependent mental atribute. (Out of topic) Match engine should emphasis more on mental attribute to the point of exageration. But if: Actual mental stats = position rating / natural position rating * mental stat There might be difference, say: Decision = 18. Natural position = AM - 20, striker = accomplished - 18, Wing = competent - 14, When playing as AM, actual Decision = 20/20 * 18 = 18, When playing as SC, actual Decision = 18/20 * 18 = 16.2, When playing as R/LAM, actual Decision = 14/20 * 18 = 12.6, While technical and physical should not be affected. Of course, this effect applies to all mental attribute including, Anticipation, Off the ball, Positioning... Highlighting the importance of position familiarity; in real life, if you are good at dribbling, you can dribble well at any part of the pitch. How's it sounds?