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  1. This guy got landed with a rather unfortunate name.
  2. During beta I got a rather amusing goal where the ball bounced off the crossbar into the goalkeeper's face and then into the net but unfortunately I didn't get a recording of it . Gotta love the quality of blue square south + ME bugs lol.
  3. I've got two saves on the go atm. One is a Rangers save where I'm top of Div 3, can't remember where I'm up to specifically though. The other save though, much more fun. Playing as Truro, currently in November in the first season trying to push my way back into mid-table after losing a couple of league matches. Managed to get the club out of financial trouble with a nice FA Cup run which is probably about to come to an end (got a home match against Rochdale in the 2nd round, hoping to pull off an upset but probably won't.) Since coming out of administration I've managed to sign some decent new-gen defenders. But yeah, thoroughly enjoying this save and I'm actually kinda sad that I managed to get the club out of administration so quickly, added that extra challenge to the game >_<
  4. Decided to start a game using no real players. Had a look through some of the international squads and found a young Stuart Downing playing for the German under 21s
  5. One of the greatest cup upsets I've ever seen <3
  6. Just checked the 2014 WC, England didn't even qualify for it, unlike Wales. Winners were Spain and runners up were Italy. Czech Republic came 4th which surprised me.
  7. England are awful on my save too, into my fourth season and they're currently ranked 14th in the world
  8. Most of my matches tend to be rather boring, however, this was a stand-out result that I enjoyed
  9. Lee Clark selling Gary Roberts to Barnsley always makes me laugh, he seems to do it every save game I do. Getting linked with the Barcelona job after getting Huddersfield Town into the Premiership.
  10. Hopefully someone can help me out here, basically I've downloaded the latest database file for the leagues and the county cups, followed every instruction to the key and I'm getting an error in which the Vodkat League Premier Division only has 21 teams and its saying the minimum is 22. I have absolutely no idea what the issue is :S
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