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    I love football (like everyone on here I assume)

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    Steaua Bucharest
  1. Take a bow!

    Awesome goal from van Persie!
  2. I agree, I have 4 saves with Romanian sides (a level above Hungarian football) and it took me at least 15 years to win the CL. I consider myself a decent FM player.
  3. Won't happen to me. I have contingency plans. I had a tycoon takeover on my Kapfenberg (AUT) save and then he bailed out after 5 seasons. Thankfully I follow a tight financial discipline and was able to keep going regardless.
  4. This feature has its bugs. I agree that it is a realistic feature but its implementation could use some tweaking. For example I play now as Anji Machkhalchala (I think ) and my president sold Verratti, one of my best players for 7 million. I was forced to buy a replacement for much more than that, spending more of his never ending money
  5. Hi guys, I'v decided to give this a try too earlier today. I took over at Lowestoft and all went surprisingly well until January of the first season, at one time reaching the 3rd position. I had a really small squad, they were exhausted, and it resulted in a run of loses and draws that saw us finishing a disappointing 16th. But that's not the worst part. This season is absolutely horrific. It's mainly my fault because I released most senior players and brought all of the 15 and 16 year old kids into the first team. I am currently 21st with 2 W 1 D and.... 7 L Probably gonna get the boot but i'll fight till the bitter end PS: Fraizer Campbell plays for Blyth Spartans on loan from Sunderland!
  6. Anji Contract Renewal

    Not this discussion again!
  7. Awesome Regen Names

    I had a Nigerian called Innocent Sheriff on one of my saves. I would always imagine a dialogue between him and the law when pulled over ) Policeman: What's your name son? IS: I'm Innocent Sheriff. Policeman: I haven't accused you of anything, now what's your name? IS: I'm Innocent Sheriff! Policeman over radio: I've got a young black male acting suspicions, requesting backup ))
  8. Anji Contract Renewal

    We actually live and train in Moscow ) We fly to the games...first class
  9. Hi guys! I just finished my first season with Anji Makhachkala, finished 2nd in the league (92p) behind CSKA Moscow who amassed an amazing 105 points and won the Russian Cup in a final against Kuban. My objective was EURO Cup qualification and i qualified for the Champions League. Today I received an offer from our multi-billionaire chairman to extend my contract with Anji for a "mind boggling" salary of 3200 euro/week! I mean...i got scouts that earn more ) I can imagine all of my players laughing behind my back in the dressing room and Eto'o starting a "save the manager" charity . I don't really care about the money so I accepted since I am having fun but still... Cheers!
  10. Proudest moment on FM12 :)

    I would win the World Cup with Russia just to play the anthem. Congratulations on your achievement!
  11. Ticket prices

    Thank you and Daffius for you reply. I'm not at home right now so I can't check the ticket prices but I have the feeling that the domestic tickets are also undervalued. Also Daffius, I wouldn't expect a Romanian team to have the same ticket prices as an English team, I just want it to mirror reality. I also agree with your reasoning. I have recently been to a Muresul Deva fixture in the second division and the ticket price was 15 RON = 3.80 Euro. In the game i think it is 0.90 cent. As you can see there's quite the difference. If you can tell me who the Romanian researchers are maybe I can help them. Thanks!
  12. Hi everyone! I've been meaning to post this on the forum for years but just didn't come around to it. The ticket prices for Romania (at least) need to be updated. It's getting annoying to fill up a 40.000 seater stadium for a champions league home game and receive around 150k euro for the tickets when in reality the figures are much higher. As an example, when Steaua Bucharest played Liverpool in 2010 in the group stage of the Europa League it sold 10.000 tickets for a total of 500.000 euro. Link here. No matter the performances ticket prices are always around 2-4 euro for a top club and around 90 cent for a low reputation club in the first division. I can tell you for sure that the entry fee for my hometown club that sits in the 3rd division is around 1.50 euro. I don't know whose fault it is but this needs fixing. I'm tired of selling my best players in order to pay wages. Ticket prices shpuld be between 7 and 15 euro for internal competitions and about 30 euro for EL & CL. Thank you!