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  1. I'm using 1.5 which could be why, they show up after the match has finished on the overview screen. It could be something I've done, not sure. I'm happy with it though to be honest, great work mate
  2. Many thanks, got the background working now, but for some reason the stadium mini photos are not changing. If it's not on thing it's the other lol
  3. Hi this looks awesome, I have downloaded it and there is a problem, which is a big problem for me and that is that the background pictures are not changing. I am using alavanja pervection skin and the only background image I am getting is the one they provided. Are the files contradicting eachother?
  4. Gave it a try briefly found it a bit nerve racking because I'm sure I've done the player instructions wrong. It would help greatly if you uploaded a file for people to give it a proper try instead of trying to interpret your tactics. It takes no time to do, it's not a big file so you won't be waiting hours while the file uploads
  5. just used this, It's very effective against weaker or slower sides but, better sides with quick forwards will exploit you at every given opportunity
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