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  1. Crashing on "Continue Game"

    I'll give that a shot. I sure appreciate the help. Thanks!
  2. Crashing on "Continue Game"

    Yes... the first time my season screwed up, it was a low battery shutoff. Set the phone down and didn't realize the game was still open and it shut off. I then started a "new game", played to the point I mentioned and that's where we are. This particular game wasn't interrupted by anything. I closed out the game like I normally do. I don't have any other autosaves. I'm fine losing that game, I'm just wondering if there's anything that suggests this will happen again if I start a new game. Maybe deleting and re-installing the app makes sense? Thanks!
  3. Crashing on "Continue Game"

    Sorry, I think I have Spain and Italy loaded too. I didn't really know what I was doing when I started the league, so I picked a few countries. It happened right around the end of the transfer window... I know I passed the deadline, but not sure if it was on this autosave, or not. Thanks.
  4. Crashing on "Continue Game"

    Thanks for the quick reply. The league I'm playing with is Blue Square Premier, if that's what you are looking for. It's a Career league and I got about two months into it. The puzzling thing is that I have escaped the game and gone back in a few times (5-10, maybe). The autosave that doesn't seem to work is for last night (10-12-2011). I have an iPhone 3G and the iOS is 4.2.1. I sent the autosave to the listed e-mail address. Thanks again!
  5. Didn't see this covered elsewhere, sorry if it's been discussed. Got the game yesterday and played out a few games with my team. Upon re-opening the game and clicking to "Continue Game", nothing happened. The progress bar advances, then it returns to the title screen. I figured that maybe I did something wrong when I closed it out, so I started a new game, played a few times (going out and back in to the program). This morning I tried to play and I'm getting the same result as before (can't load the game). Any ideas? I'm using my iPhone and seem to have plenty of memory available. I've tried re-booting the device several times. Thanks!