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  1. really enjoying this year's edition. The new updates have improved it as well!
  2. Sure thing mate, let me know how it goes for you! TFF - RAPTOR V4 (delaneytomlinson x 2481 tweak).fmf
  3. My tweak of delaneytomlinson's Raptor v4 tweak is performing really well now! I've had two back-to-back undefeated domestic campaigns in the Russian top league with Spartak Moscow, though I think further tweaks might be required as I'm still having trouble in the Champions League against bigger clubs. The defence is relatively tight and the tactic scores loads of goals but seems to be a bit exposed in some counter-attacking situations. Happy to upload the tactic if anyone wants to give it a test or help in fine-tuning it further.
  4. Also getting this issue with the Russian leagues. I can't play the game anymore, I'm relying on youth and they're all stuck in the B team....
  5. Hey @TheDog89, Cerber v5 is working well in FM21, though people are having good results with Executioner and Raptor v4 as well. I'm currently using a further tweaked version of @delaneytomlinson's Raptor v4 tweak and it's performing similarly to Cerber v5 so far
  6. Hey @delaneytomlinson I was pretty intrigued by your Raptor tweak so I started a new save with Spartak Moscow to test it out. Nice work! It's an interesting one - there are times where the attacking movement doesn't quite seem to be clicking but at other times it is brutally and clinically effective. Some of the goals I've scored have been incredible and the interlinking of the inside forwards with the striker and AMC is usually great to watch. It could be one of those tactics that wouldn't quite cut it with TFF's precise testing methods, for example there seems to be a high percentage of miss
  7. Same taker for first two, different taker for the last. Couldn't hit an elephant's bum with a banjo! Next game I played saw three penalties, 2 scored one miss. Total of 7 pens over two games, scored 3/7. Haha, sort it out Wilson! Good call, might give that a go. I've definitely seen way more pens than in FM2020, and missing a large percentage of them this year. I wonder if this is something that needs to be tweaked...
  8. anyone else seeing loads of missed penalties? Just missed three in one game lol
  9. anyone signed Scottish starlet striker Michael Ruth from Aberdeen? I've had a few saves in FM2020 and never really noticed him, but he's absolutely killing it in my journeyman save at Hearts! Signed in 2022 for only £525K and now worth £10million.
  10. I've started a save and it's been quite enjoyable so far. I think the fact that you can assemble the entire squad from scratch in a decent amount of time makes them a good choice for a 'Moneyball'-style save - the domestic pool is so limited that I'm buying players based on selected attribute values and stats that will hopefully fit the formation. Decent amount of money in the bank though, but the wage budget is of course quite restrictive I might post some career updates if the save sticks!
  11. seriously thinking about starting a save with Macarthur FC. Probably be a real struggle in the short-term but could be a fun one!
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