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  1. Done it Here is the filename : Lionel Dauby - Chelsea testing save.fm
  2. Hello, Yes i still get it ! I will upload it soon. Thanks for your help EDIT : here is the filename : Lionel Dauby - Chelsea testing save.fm
  3. Thank you for your clear answer It helped me a lot. It is a new feature so ? In past FM, you'd always give it to your Assman to answer this
  4. Hi everyone, In my Home Page, i have all logo of cups i won this year, but the Champion's League logo doesn't appear and stay on the score of the last match. It did it everytime i won the champion's league in my game, and even if i wait some days past, it will never appear ... In other competitions, there is a message saying "competition ended at "14/08/2024" ... but not in Champion's League. Maybe that the problem come there ? It seems that Champion's League isn't "Ended" ? Any idea ? Thanks for your help
  5. Hi everyone, Since the begining of my first game on FM21, i set my Assistant Manager to answer to all press conferences. But the game ask my opinion everytime ! my possibilities are often to answer or decline ... On past FM, i could say "Ask my Assistant to answer". I haven't this option now. But it shouldn't happen because i asked my AssMan to do it in Staff responsibilities. Any idea ? Thanks for your help
  6. Hi everyone, I'm playing on FM since 2010 and i'm editing frequently my databases to make some funny facts on my saves. (names, players, clubs, etc.) But today, i saw something wrong that i want to change : In Champion's League, the teams don't earn any cash price when they get out before group stage ... But in Euro cup, they did ! It's unfair because i won my league and if i'm getting out before groupe stage, i earn less playing champion's than clubs in Euro cup cup :( I want to change this and i know it is possible in advanced settings, but the tips i used t
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