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  1. Hi everyone, This problem has been plaguing me since I started play fm2016. I finally decided to make a post hoping someone here can help me. Basically my winger or fullback who got near byline just won't put the box into the box. Sometimes the defenders were miles away due to a good through ball or split pass by my center midfield but they would just stand there until the defenders closed down on them and then make a back pass to whoever is behind them or a really weird curve ball to someone outside the box when clearly there were three of our players in the box waiting for the cross. Same behavior for my wingback / fullback, got to byline then back pass, NEVER EVER cross on the first touch.
  2. i agree with OP, the match engine has not changed for the past few years. what they have done was took away the options to create roles ourself instead they introducing new roles each year and promoting it as new game features to cover the fact that there has been no improvement in the match engine.
  3. probably not a bug, but the amount of tackles from defenders is still very unrealistically high. Full-backs and def midfielder average 10+ tackles
  4. nature position also affects how player attributes are distributed but trained to natural position does not
  5. CCC conversion rate is way off in this game, but then again way too many CCCs per game
  6. my staff kept telling me to train my striker overhead kicks, eventually I sacked him.
  7. these are not the same, in my case the keeper was completely unresponsive, the ball went through him and he didn't even move
  8. this is my last straw, I lost all hopes for this ME. My strike obviously got a clear 1 on 1 chance then he magically decided to back pass to my cm outside the box
  9. not as bad as my fullback who lobbed the ball into his own goal when no one was near him
  10. I don't like use playmaker in the center role, most playmaker are been played on wings these day in real life. Playmaker in the center can be easily marked out by aggressive DM. Consider put one of your winger as AP/A, the other to inside forward, let your lone strike drop deep and switch one of your CM to attack. That way your inside forward will occupy the center position left by your striker making him available for through ball /cross from your AP on the wing. Your CM/attack will roam forward either occupy the position left by your inside forward or make plays with your striker.
  11. what, same players but every decision will be remade during the game thus its not the same game
  12. definitely shooting because the ball always hit the side net with occasionally the post, surely you can't cross out of the bound everytime
  13. it could be that you give the striker too much creative freedom. That being said, my wingers shoot from byline 9/10 times is more serious problem.
  14. A lot of corner goals are not counted as corner goal because they were flicked or deflected at first and they are counted toward pass assist.
  15. its not just my team but AI as well, league stats shows highest average tackle per game is 13, normally midfielders and defenders have around 10 tackles per game, I've seen as high as 22 tackles for full-back in a single game. highest tackle per game in 2013 premier league is around 5
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