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  1. I'm having some squad registration issues as well. I thought it was just me not understanding the rules. When I register a squad for European football, there is a minimum number of players trained at my club. However, when I add a player that has not been trained at my club, the number of players that has been trained at my club goes down. Don't think that should be the case.
  2. Onto light-hearted rant nr2; Did that once after a pre-season friendly against a Portuguese 2nd division team which we drew 2-2. The team was very upset and called a team meeting saying I should not have been upset about their performance. Didn't sit well with me, so I kicked a chair and told them to shut it.
  3. Sometimes it's nice to just get a little light-hearted rant off your chest. Feel free to add your own. No heavy complaining please! My contribution: 3rd season at Newcastle, finding out that motivation can be a tricky thing Last 3 games in CL: R. Madrid - Newcastle: 0-1 win Newcastle - RB Leipzig: 5-1 win Newcastle - Paris SG: 3-2 win Last 3 games in EPL: Newcastle - Sheffield Utd: 2-2 draw Fulham - Newcastle: 2-0 loss Newcastle - Chelsea: 2-5 loss I'm sure it'll work out in the end.
  4. Thanks. I assumed it was something wrong with my tactics, hence the tactics forum.
  5. I'm managing Newcastle United and in my 3rd season. We're doing very well overall, but for some reason this season we're getting a LOT of cards. I'm talking 3-5 yellow cards in almost all games, some games even 7. I've even had a few fines for it already. Thankfully actual red cards have been rare. I haven't changed my tactic or instructions, my captain has also been the same for 2 seasons now (Hayden). Anything I'm missing that could cause an increase in cards?
  6. It took about two years of take-over talks starting and failing, starting and failing, starting and failing when I was at Roma in my current save before one finally went through. Between talks everything went back to normal though. Each time did take a few weeks/months. I assume you should hear something about the proceedings soon...
  7. Bringing through two insanely talented (talking potential national team stars) MC's into my first team at Heerenveen who I was planning to build the squad around for the next 2-5 years. Not realising my staff had given them only 0.75 million release fees. Losing them after playing them in only 2 and 5 games respectively
  8. Alexandre Pato - Once one of Milan's biggest talents Bojan Krkić - Once one of Barcelona's biggest talents Ibrahim Affelay - Once one of Holland's most promising talents Memphis Depay - Maybe not really failed, but definitely not living up to expectations at his clubs Gregory van der Wiel - Star at Ajax, moved to PSG, now failed and released from his contract at Toronto FC in Canada
  9. I just started a job at Roma at the end of the previous season, and to my surprise found out that now in October I've played my last game for another 41 days. Actually, in the next 2 months, until 18th of January of next year, we only play 1 official game. I don't know enough about Serie A to know if this is normal or if it's some sort of bug, but it seems strange to me...
  10. Never mind, found it as I posted. Separate install on Steam, in case anyone else was failing like I was
  11. How do you start FMT in FM18? I remember seeing it from the start screen in FM17 if I'm not confused, but can't find it in 18?
  12. Great stuff in this thread. Your amount of knowledge and information is incredible, and it's great to see you try to apply it to FM. The thread is particularly interesting to me since I'm currently also in a youth oriented Ajax career. It's currently January 2020 and my starting 11 consists out of 9 original Ajax youth players, one new signing and one old Ajax player returned. GK: Vermeer LWB: Blind CB: Bazoer & Veltman RWB: van Rhijn RGA: Annouri (new Dutch signing) MC: Sneijder & van den Boomen LIF: Gino Dekker RW: Meleg F9: Bouwmans (Ajax youth newgen)
  13. I'm in the 1st season with Telstar in the Dutch 1st Division. Just played PSV in the Cup and after 90 minutes it was an amazing 2-2! Previous round of the Cup I also beat Utrecht. I don't think this this tactic is a fix-all tactic, but the strongest point is that it really utilizes the players strongest qualities to the maximum. Obviously my Telstar players can't measure up to the likes of Affelay and other PSV players, but their most important skills are more than adequate. I'm talking about wingers with 12+ dribbling, and 15+ acceleration and agility (plus good speed) for example. This goe
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