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  1. Please delete this topic. I've posted it in the General Discussion forums as I'm possibly not really reporting a bug, I might just be dense...
  2. So I have to respond to something in this screen to be able to move to the next day, but I can't see what I'm supposed to click on?
  3. So I have to respond to something in this screen to be able to move to the next day, but I can't see what I'm supposed to click on?
  4. It took about two years of take-over talks starting and failing, starting and failing, starting and failing when I was at Roma in my current save before one finally went through. Between talks everything went back to normal though. Each time did take a few weeks/months. I assume you should hear something about the proceedings soon...
  5. Bringing through two insanely talented (talking potential national team stars) MC's into my first team at Heerenveen who I was planning to build the squad around for the next 2-5 years. Not realising my staff had given them only 0.75 million release fees. Losing them after playing them in only 2 and 5 games respectively
  6. Alexandre Pato - Once one of Milan's biggest talents Bojan Krkić - Once one of Barcelona's biggest talents Ibrahim Affelay - Once one of Holland's most promising talents Memphis Depay - Maybe not really failed, but definitely not living up to expectations at his clubs Gregory van der Wiel - Star at Ajax, moved to PSG, now failed and released from his contract at Toronto FC in Canada
  7. Ahhhhhhhh, of course! Thanks for taking the time to reply.
  8. I just started a job at Roma at the end of the previous season, and to my surprise found out that now in October I've played my last game for another 41 days. Actually, in the next 2 months, until 18th of January of next year, we only play 1 official game. I don't know enough about Serie A to know if this is normal or if it's some sort of bug, but it seems strange to me...
  9. K-eye seer-huys That's the best I can do... alternatively, https://translate.google.com/#nl/en/Kaj Sierhuis press the 'listen' button in the original Dutch window... pretty accurate.
  10. Not sure if this was aimed at my post or OP's, but since the question applies to both our situations I'll try to answer how I dealt with it. When I took over from my current team mid-season 17/18 I noticed that my team had similar quality and aged players for a lot of positions. That's a fantastic situation when you've got plenty of money, but we obviously didn't. So I tried to only keep one first team-level player for every position as much as possible. I also got rid of any other players that had high wages compared to their skill level. Next step, I filled up the backup team with youth players where possible. I promoted about 4 players from the youth team which had only 1 or 2 stars current rating, but 4+ star potential rating. Additionally I tried to sign some good loan players, but failed pretty much in that regard. Only managed to get 1 loan player in later in the season that made the first team. Finally I took in a lot of players offering themselves for a free transfer. Basically any player where their report (their own opinion it seems) says they were better than my current players I offered a 2 or 3 week trial. Signed 3 or 4 good players that way. I negotiated hard for all new signings and current players who needed a new contract. Managed to get the average wage per player down to about 1.5k per month instead of the 3k that it was. The signing of affordable free transfers and youth players of course helped with this. At least that's what my approach was. Maybe I just got really lucky
  11. I was having the same struggles. Have you tried keeping the standard 4-4-2 but playing structured or even highly structured? It helped for me. Seems like my players get caught out of position much less, which was what lead to most goals being scored against me. You can then build on that slowly.
  12. I also thought so at first, but you can load as many nations as you want. There's a button or a check box where you select the nations that allows you to select more. It'll just warn you that it might not run well on slower systems.
  13. Update: the board has reduced my wage budget twice now in the first 6 months. I'm now down to 25k per month, which means I'm almost 30% over the budget that was set at the beginning of the season. Even though I'm already spending about 35% of last season's budget. No future at this team. I'm outta here as soon as I can... but shhhh, don't tell my chairman
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