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  1. Player retirements

    Players who play even a handful (4 games or so) can improve their chance of playing longer. I've had players retire at 30 before cause they were never being played but it's not very common.
  2. Perhaps in the 'mop-up' update we could be able to view how many appearances were loans and starts? It makes me a bit iffy that my striker Raul Gracia (regen) had 43 appearances and 46 goals 5 assists in one season, but 31 apperances 11 goals 4 assits in the next (where I played him as a substitute for 15 or so matches to close out the game/match fitness/happiness). In the next season, I started him more often and had 11 apearnces, 13 goals and 1 assist with maybe 3 or 4 substitute appearances. I don't think it accurately represents how valuable the player is. Also Dec9363's posts are really in-depth. Worth a look I reckon.
  3. My supa striker!!

    I've found that the combination of decent stats can easily make a player world class! For a striker you really need shooting/head (one or the other is really fine if youre not a league topper), creativity, technique and either pace or strength. movement helps, but not absolutely necessary i think.
  4. Hello, While playing, I found something peculiar with regards to transfers and player behavior. I have a player, called Luke Aspin (regen) who, after going on loan until he was 21 felt that he needed a new challenge. He requested a transfer request, and I relented. No one bid for him in January. In the following summer, he is still on the transfer list without any bids made. His mood is now 'feels he has been treated unfairly.' How did I do anything wrong?! His favoured club is Arsenal and I'm his favoured person as well. I just don't get it.... (I'm managing Arsenal)
  5. Logged in just to say thanks, also going to drop by the app store and rate you guys 5. Alari and Marc's dedication this forum is really impressing me. I also thought it was funny that Man Utd would celebrate the Charity Shield and demand wage increases haha. I would never ever manage them so I didn't know about that glitch. Excited for the download to finish!
  6. Hello, I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to unlock the 'No Human Sackings' unlockable. I think I need it as the sack is looming and it doesn't seem like I have much time left!
  7. Hello, I was wondering if anyone came across this problem regarding youngsters in the club. I had a few regen players, around 17 year old who were promoted from the academy or just appeared in my reserves. I looked at their stats and saw that they were promising, and so when the message came up that their contract would expire in 6 months, 3 months, a month later, and a week later I offered them contracts every time. However they never rejected or accepted it. Instead, they were released byt he club because the contract offer wasn't expected. One of them, even signed for Bristol Rovers for free and because he was such a good player, (18 yr old with 19 heading, 17 tackling, 16/17 pos/team etc.) that I made a bid to sign him for 1.1 million, and successfully signed him. I even came across a message saying that I received a percentage of Foley's (the player's name)transfer fee. It said: Arsenal have received 275,000 because of asell-on clause activated by Sean Foley's transfer from Bristol Rovers to Arsenal. I was wondering if anyone came across problem? Edit: I just re-signed one of my former high potential players for 21million when i could have kept them on a contract.... kind of irritated right now.
  8. Oh I see... thank you both for your help then!
  9. I've never bought any player like that cause I don't like yielding a fee to a third-party when I eventually sell the said player. However, I did sell a player called Ryo Miyaichi from Arsenal to Atletico Madrid with a 15% sell-on clause, and when he was sold from Atletico to Real Madrid I did get a fee of around 3.75 million. It was a nice surprise after three years.
  10. Hello, I'm playing on my Arsenal file for nearly 6 years (currently September 2016) and still haven't had an opportunity to manage an international team. I've applied to England, France, Northern Ireland and Belgium when given the opportunity but haven't been offered a job. If it helps, my statistics are the following: Played 309, Won 171, Drawn 90, Lost 48. 2 League titles, 7 cup titles with a manager rank of 8th with 2577 manager points and a continental reputation. My nationality is also Japanese. Any advice or comments would be greatly appreciated as I'm desperately interested in managing an international team.
  11. That is a ridiculous final point tally for the title!
  12. I would also like to suggest more stadium implentation such as facilities to imrpove. Although one suggestion that I have that would make me really happy if implemented, is that if the commentary is changed! As of now, the text is similar if not the same as FM11, and to have a change would make me a lot more interested. Simple changes to the text can make a very big difference in the long run.
  13. I want to suggest updates on players on loan, from your own club. For example I loaned out Ryo Miyaichi and Alex Ox-Chamberlain from Arsenal to Derby and Cardiff respectively, and went to check their progress. I have to do this manually and it's not very convenient. Perhaps their progress could be monitored? Such as when they score a goal or make an assist, or selected to play an important match (cup final, vs big 4 in EPL, etc.)
  14. I loaded England, Germany and Spain and Balotelli's in my file for sure. I know this for a fact because he's always complaining about the wage packet he receives while at Manchester City.
  15. Future Challenges

    How about: Using only home grown/youth/existing players in your team (i.e. no transfers in/out) to avoid relegation? Or you could only buy transfer listed, loan, free agents for your team.