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  1. i can see how this tactic works but in matches against weak teams, all my shots are saved or off-target whilst the opposition scores every time they get a shot on target, anyone know what the problem is? i'm using v1. Also this tactic is supposed to be no tweak but literally EVERY time i'm winning by one goal, the opposition score a ridiculous goal in injury time (30 yarders, lobs, open goals etc)
  2. tried this tactic with Roma: gk: kameni dl: antonio lopez dr: cicinho dc: raul albiol dc: juan dm: david pizzaro dm: de rossi amc: julio baptista amc: aquilani amc: rafael van der vaart fc: francesco totti ive played 4 matches with this tactic, and the results arent very good. 1. a friendly against juventus (buffon wasnt playing) and it ended 0-0 despite 21 shots on target (their goalkeeper was motm) 2.2-1 win over B.Jerusalem, which i won only because of a late penalty.(their goalkeeper was the motm) 3.1-0 loss against bologna after they scored from a corner in the 3rd min (their goalkeeper was MOTM) 4.1-1 at home against B.Jerusalem. their goalkeeper was motm. i didnt save this and loaded back to the friendly against juventus, then i used a standard 4-4-2 and won 2-0, 3-1, 1-0 and 2-0. This tactic gives me a lot of possession but makes the opposition goalkeeper temporarily the best gk ever. can someone help me?
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