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  1. Holy bejesus mother of christ why was this put in? please oh please add a 'dont show this (tedious) message again' option
  2. I see that.. Now. I still get my chief scout at least once a week asking me to stop scouting a certain region, so i allow him to stop. Next week, the same message from the same scout asking the same thing. He is set under staff responsibilities to set assignments for the scouting team anyway so god knows why he's asking me!
  3. I get this too. My chief scout keeps on asking to stop scouting the Eredivise, despite me giving him control over scouting, happens once a week.
  4. Im in my 3rd season with Sparta Rotterdam, now in the Eredivisie. When i try to sign a Brazilian (or Colombian) player, or renew the contract of an existing Brazilian player in my team i can only offer wages of 6.5K, 7K or 7.5K. I cannot go any lower or any higher its one of those 3 choices. Its a bit odd as i already have 3 Brazilians who i signed on free transfers who have wages of 1.6K, 1.9K and 2.3K so something has happened recently. I can offer any contract wage to European players. Octavio's kicking off 'cos he wants a payrise but he's only on 1.6K at the moment Im sure he'd take 2K if i could offer it!! He's not having 6.5K! Sound like a bug? Is it known?
  5. This has happend twice now so im pretty sure its a bug, can anyone confirm its known or being looked at? If you hire a scout who was previously a player (had player attributes as well as a staff attribute profile), on the news item when he arrives at the club - if you click 'view reports' the game crash dumps
  6. You are an example of an insignificant minority technically your life isnt worth insuring
  7. Why does everyone argue! You say under 50% is minority then contradict yourself and give an example of where its not. Im just trying to educate people on here, you should all be grateful. I dont know why i bother we should let you all burn....
  8. Theyd all be in the minority is my point. To say anything under 50% is in the minority is too simplistic and wrong.
  9. millerpoint - dont troll my thread please, thanks.
  10. Whats the deal with the change budgets, is it something thats going to be looked at? As manager of HSV, i adjusted budget so i could buy a defensive midfielder at the start of July this left me with a -1.4m transfer budget, however i have 885k a week wage budget. Im only using 425k of this budget at the moment. I cannot sell anybody (even Rene Adler wont go to anyone even for £0), its now October and i still cannot change any budget. This means i cannot buy anyone, not even free transfers as the agent/loyalty fee comes out of my transfer budget. Im very short on numbers so i tried to free transfer a poor greek player that would have cost me £20k, but there were no funds. Despite making 460k every week on my wage budget.
  11. So its just a bug that my players have 'Considering playing for San Marino when qualified' on their profile if in fact they cannot possibly ever get qualified. Its just a bit unusual that it only appeared to players who had been at the club for over 2 years which made me think it could be possible.
  12. Is this possible? There is nowhere on the players profile that says anything about how many days he's been there or how many he needs to gain it. I think San Marino has a very long and difficult road to getting nationality. I only ask as i have 6 players in my San Marino Calcio squad who have 'Considering playing for San Marino when he qualifies' written in their profile.
  13. Im playing as Nueva Chicago in the Argie second division, a big game near the end of the season against Independiente Rivadavia. Ourselves in 3rd and them in 4th and bearing in mind 3 go up and the top 2 are 15 points clear, it’s a huge game for both of us. A tight game, we go 1 up after 50 minutes only to be pegged back straight away to 1-1. In the 90th minute they clear a ball out of their box which my left back Lucas Banegas chases after under no pressure as it was only him and my keeper in our half of the pitch. He takes 2 or 3 touches so he’s level with the 18 yard box at which point he decides to VERY slowly roll the ball back to Jhonny Da Silva in goal. When the ball was half way back, inexplicably Jhonny Da Silva took this moment to make some sort of protest as he slumped to the floor and just sat there as the ball very, very slowly by now rolled ever closer to him. It had nearly stopped when it hit Jhonny’s back and gained a bit of momentum before very very slowly rolling onto the goal line where it appeared to stop (much to the relief of the Nueva Chicago dugout). At this point Jhonny realised he was letting his team mates and manager down with this ill conceived sit down protest, unfortunately in trying to redeem himself he bolted upright, ran over to the ball and in doing so managed to knock it the 0.5mm needed to constitute a goal. He immediately held his head in his hands I noticed so I imagine he’s pretty cut up about it.
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