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  1. i to have had this problem, had the game now since mid december and still cant get into a proper game.
  2. just played my first game of the season against reading, game ended 5-4 to liverpool but something seems wrong, for example reading passing the ball around like barca whilst i cant even complete a single pass, pass completion being readings 80% to my 66% with them having 61% possesion, but on the other hand fabio borini is awesome (4 goals 1 assist)
  3. hey guys, finally got fm 13 before i start a proper save im going to get used to the new layout and most of all get used to having no standard dark skin
  4. i recently bought a refurbed dell inspiron 15r 5110 from the dell outlet website for £370 spec- i5 2450m processor geforce gt525m graphics 15.6" screen 3gb ram 350gb hdd i plan on upgrading the ram and hardrive soon but the current is seems good enough for fm2012, fifa11, sid meiers pirates, sims 3, fable and psx emulator, their the games i have installed.
  5. http://i248.photobucket.com/albums/gg179/mike-rs/rgfdgf.jpg heres mine, first guy iv ever managed to make good lol
  6. would it be better if i spend an extra £74 on this refurbed laptop from dell outlet i5 2410m 4gb ram 320gb hdd gt 525m graphics £374
  7. the amd a6 one has 6gb ram and the i3 one has 4gb and both have 500gb hdd
  8. thanks for the replys guys, iv found a laptop for £300 that has i3 2310 with dedicated g card ( geforce gt 520m) only problem is its refurbished but thats not really that much of a problem, looks like il be getting that but if not il be getting the amd a4 and change the clocks to 2.5ghz
  9. hey guys currently looking at etting a new laptop but need to find out some stuff, the spec im looking at for a laptop is intel i3 2350 (intel hd 3000) 4 gb ram 500gb hdd has anybody tried football manager 12 with the onboard graphics? does it run smoothly? and also is fm more of a cpu based game? i say this as i was looking into the amd a4-3300 apu which has better onboard graphics then the intel but the cpu is quite alot slower. thanks
  10. hey guys, got a good feeling about tomorrow. liverpool 2-1 norwich carroll and skrtel to score.
  11. hey guys, do you know if the match will be on itv or bbc tomorrow? really looking forward to the win for tomorrow id like to see brad jones johnson skrtel agger enrique spearing henderson gerrard shelvey maxi suarez
  12. wooot didnt realise there was a plymouth thread..... will post my plymouth save later on, as for jed harper-penman i have used him quite abit in my second season in league 1 and has really impressed, so has jamie richards and luke young will post screenies when i can get on my computer
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