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  1. Odd thing I have noticed. I am in the 2020 season. Lansing Ignite's page says it's in the NPSL Pro. The news updates are on the NPSL Pro, but it has it competing in USL League One.
  2. Some things I have noticed so far in this save (Early January 2019 start date) Playing as three managers: As Lansing Ignite, I can now make offers for players on the Chicago Fire, which I was unable to do so before- unfortunately every player refuses, even the ones that are currently playing there IRL Chicago Fire was given no GAM and a result I had to cut several players who play there IRL and I am trying to play a season now with only 19 players. The oddest one of all- 6 games into the MLS Season the Chicago Fire are going to Preseason Camp! Other than those (and the firs
  3. I was able to get around the being unable to send players to a teams affiliate by also playing as the affiliate and requesting the players. But, I started a new save and because Chicago changed their affiliate from Tulsa Roughnecks to Lansing Ignite and am playing Lansing and Chicago, but I am unable to request players from Chicago. @UncleSam Are you able to change in the game Chicago's affiliate to Lansing Ignite?
  4. can an existing game be updated with these changes, or do we need to start a new one?
  5. Has anyone else had trouble moving a player from an MLS club to their affiliate? No matter when I try, I always get the message "You must wait until the next transfer window"
  6. I am loving this! Thanks for making it! I am having a problem right now with Grand Rapids FC in the NPSL. I am in the NPSL semifinal. The game is about to start, but every player that I signed went on vacation right after the regional final and are not available for the semi final. I will have to play the semi with all grayed out filler players! Wish me luck!
  7. I don't know if this is the right place to put an MLS issue, but the game does not seem to support the reserve league. I am playing as Chicago (where I start with every years edition) and there are no games for the reserve team. I tried to go in and enter Chicago's actual reserve schedule as friendly games, but either the board or the other team rejected all of the proposals. Any reason for no reserve games?
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